Altivar Process 900 Variable Speed Drives Page 22 Altivar Process ATV900 variable speed drives

22 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Overview, references Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 Option: Configuration and runtime tools Graphic display terminal (supplied with the drive) This terminal can be: b Connected and mounted on the front of the drive b Connected and mounted on an enclosure door using a remote mounting accessory b Connected to a PC to exchange files via a Mini USB/USB connection (1) b Connected to several drives in multidrop mode (see page 23) This terminal is used to: b Control, adjust, and configure the drive b Display current values (motor, I/O, and process data) b Display graphic dashboards such as the energy consumption monitoring dashboard b Store and download configurations (several configuration files can be stored in the 16 MB memory) b Duplicate the configuration of one powered-up drive on another powered-up drive b Copy configurations from a PC or drive and duplicate them on another drive (the drives must be powered on for the duration of the duplication operations) Other characteristics: b 24 integrated languages (complete alphabets) covering the majority of countries around the world (other languages can be added; please consult our website b 2-color backlit display (white and red); if an error is detected, the red backlight is activated automatically (function can be disabled) b Operating range: -1550 C / +5122 F b Degree of protection: IP 65 b Trend curves: Graphic display of changes over time in monitoring variables, energy data, and process data b Embedded dynamic QR codes for contextual, instantaneous access to online help (diagnostics and settings, etc.) using a smartphone or tablet b Real-time clock with 10-year backup battery providing data acquisition and event timestamping functions even when the drive is stopped Description Display: b 8 lines, 240 x 160 pixels b Displays bar charts, gauges, and trend charts b 4 function keys to facilitate navigation and provide contextual links for enabling functions b STOP/RESET button: Local control of motor stop command/clearing detected errors b RUN button: Local control of motor run command b Navigation buttons: v OK button: Saves the current value (ENT) v Turn : Increases or decreases the value, goes to the next or previous line v ESC button: Aborts a value, parameter, or menu to return to the previous selection v Home: Root menu v Information (i): Contextual help References Description Reference Weight kg/ lb Graphic display terminal VW3A1111 0.20/ 0.44 Communication accessory Description Reference Weight kg/ lb IP 20 WiFi dongle remote mounting of the Ethernet port for connection of WiFi equipment (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.) powered by internal rechargeable battery TCSEGWB13FA0 0.35/ 0.77 (1) Graphic display terminal used only as a handheld terminal. Graphic display terminal (example shows dynamic speed and torque) Detected fault: The screen's red backlight is activated automatically Embedded dynamic QR codes for contextual, instantaneous access to online help Scanning the QR code from a smartphone or tablet Instant access to online help Overview: page 8 Variable speed drives: page 18 Combinations: page 26 Communication buses and networks: page 30 Dimensions: page 66

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