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25 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 DTM Overview Using FDT/DTM technology it is possible to configure, control, and diagnose Altivar Process drives directly in Unity Pro and SoMove software by means of the same software brick (DTM). FDT/DTM technology standardizes the communication interface between field devices and host systems. The DTM contains a uniform structure for managing drive access parameters. Specific functions of the Altivar Process DTM b Offline or online access to drive data b Drive firmware updates b Transfer of configuration files from and to the drive b Customization (dashboard, My Menu, etc.) b Access to drive parameters and option cards b Oscilloscope function b Graphic interface to assist with configuration of the Altivar Process functions b Energy and process dashboards b Graphic display of system operation and comparison with optimum operation (dynamic speed and torque curves) b Detected error and warning logs (with timestamping) Advantages of the DTM library in Unity Pro: b Single tool for configuration, setup, and diagnostics b Network scan for automatic recognition of network configuration b Ability to add/remove, copy/paste configuration files from other drives in the same architecture b Single input point for all parameters shared between the ePAC (programmable controller) and the Altivar Process drive b Creation of drive profiles for implicit communication with the ePAC as well as dedicated profiles for programs with DFBs (derived function blocks) b Integration in the fieldbus topology b Drive configuration is an integral part of the Unity Pro project file (STU) and the archive file (STA) Advantages of the DTM library in SoMove: b Drive-oriented software environment b Wired connection to the Ethernet communication port b Standard cable (file transfer performance) b Function block library for Unity Pro b Display blocks for Vijeo Citect b Third-party software and downloads: The Altivar Process DTM library is a flexible, open, and interactive tool that can be used in a third-party FDT. DTMs can be downloaded from our website SoMove software Overview SoMove software for PC is used to configure, set up, and maintain Altivar Process drives. In addition to the functions offered by the Web server, SoMove software features the oscilloscope function for accurate display of data samples, as well as access to multi-drive applications. The software can be connected to Altivar Process variable speed drives via: b A Bluetooth wireless connection with the Bluetooth/Modbus adapter TCSWAAC13FB b Ethernet Modbus and WiFi connection with the WiFi dongle TCSEGWB13FA0 b Ethernet Modbus TCP connection For more information on SoMove setup software, please consult the SoMove: Setup Software catalog available on our website Overview, references Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 Option: Configuration and runtime tools Altivar Process DTM in Unity SoMove software Overview: page 8 Variable speed drives: page 18 Combinations: page 26 Communication buses and networks: page 30 Dimensions: page 66

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