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Altivar Process ATV900

Option: Encoder interface modules

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Encoder interface modules are used for Flux Vector Control operation with sensor (FVC mode) for asynchronous motors, or for Vector Control operation with speed feedback (FSY mode) for synchronous motors. They improve drive performance irrespective of the motor load state: b Zero speed torque b Accurate speed regulation b Torque accuracy b Shorter response times on a torque surge b Improved dynamic performance in transient state For asynchronous motors, in the other control modes (voltage vector control, voltage/frequency ratio), encoder interface modules improve static speed accuracy. Depending on the model, encoder interface modules can also be used for monitoring, irrespective of the control type: b Overspeed detection b Load slipping detection They can also transmit a reference value provided by the encoder input to the Altivar variable speed drive. This specific feature is used to synchronize the speed of several drives. The encoder options have a thermal sensor input to monitor one standard temperature sensor. 4 modules are available depending on the encoder technology: b Encoder with digital output b Encoder with analog output b Resolver interface b HTL encoder interface The Altivar variable speed drive can only be equipped with one of the encoder interface modules. The interface encoder module is inserted in a dedicated slot. It is protected against encoder supply short circuits and overloads.


Description Technology type Used with encoder (1) Power supply Maximum current Maximum cable length Maximum operating frequency Supported thermal sensors Reference Weight V c mA m/ ft kHz kg/ lb Digital encoder interface module TTL (A/B/I) XCC1 ppppppp R XCC1 ppppppp X 5, 12 or 24 250, 100 100/ 328 1,000 PTC (digital/linear), PT100, PT1000, Klixon VW3A3420 0.150/ 0.331 SSI XCC2 ppppppp S pp XCC3 ppppppp S pp 5, 12 or 24 250, 100 50/ 164 (2) 1,000 (2) EnDat 2.2 5, 12 250, 100 50/ 164 (2) 1,000 (2) Analog encoder interface module 1 Vpp 5, 12 or 24 250, 100 100/ 328 100 PTC (digital/linear), PT100, PT1000, Klixon VW3A3422 0.150/ 0.331 SinCos Hiperface 5, 12 or 24 250, 100 100/ 328 100 Resolver interface module Resolver 50 100/ 328 3...12 PTC (digital/linear), PT100, PT1000, Klixon VW3A3423 0.150/ 0.331 HTL encoder interface module HTL 12, 15 or 24 200, 175, 100 500/ 1640 300 PTC (digital/linear), PT100, PT1000, Klixon VW3A3424 0.150/ 0.331

Connection accessories

(3) Description Composition Length m/ ft Reference Weight kg/ lb


Cordset equipped with 1 x 15-way high density male SUB-D connector for digital or analog encoder modules 1/ 3.28 VW3M4701 (1) To determine the complete reference, please refer to the Detection for the automation solution - OsiSense catalog or our website www.schneider-electric.com. (2) With propagation delay compensation on EnDat up to 100 m/328 ft and higher maximum frequencies possible, SSI 300 kHz up to 100m/328ft possible. (3) See the complete list of connection accessories on our website www.schneider-electric.com. VW3A3422 analog encoder interface module VW3A3420 digital encoder interface module VW3A3423 resolver interface module VW3A3424 HTL encoder interface module

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