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51 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Overview Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 ATV960 high performance drive systems Overview Concept The ATV960 High Performance Drive Systems range offers standard enclosures ready to connect. The modular system concept with more than 80 selectable options makes it possible to adapt the enclosure unit optimally to individual requirements. The fully-tested, ready-to-connect enclosure allows quick installation and commissioning of the drive. Power versus overload For optimum adaptation to the application you can choose between two overload modes: b Normal duty: High continuous power with an overload capability of 20% (for compressors, displacement pumps, blowers, etc.) b Heavy duty: Reduced continuous power with an increased overload capability of 50% for 60 s for drives with enhanced requirements regarding overload capability, starting torque, load impacts, and control performance (such as mixers, crushers, mills, conveyors, etc.) Standard equipment The standard equipment contains frequency inverter modules, semiconductor fuses, a main switch, a line reactor to reduce the harmonics, a dV/dt filter choke (from 500 hp) to help protect the motor, and spacious mains and motor bars for connecting the power cables. The design is based on the standard enclosure system Spacial SF with a graphic operating panel integrated into the enclosure door. Compact dimensions The control is located on a spacious control panel. It has compact dimensions, nevertheless there is enough space for additional extensions and accessibility in case of maintenance. Device features High motor performance Optimum control over the motor in each operating state due to the new motor control method of the ATV960 High Performance Drive Systems. b Asynchronous motors (all efficiency classes, high number of poles) b Synchronous motors (PM motors, torque motors, reluctance motors) b Special motors for submersible pumps Extended connectivity Integrated Dual Ethernet as standard provides increased redundancy and supports RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol). Dynamic drive-to-drive communication for multi-motor drives with master/slave groups and optimum load sharing between all motors. Cooling concept The power section components are cooled in a separate cooling air channel. About 90% of the heat losses are evacuated via this channel. The inside of the enclosure is cooled via fans in the enclosure door. Type 12 cooling system 10% 90% An Example ATV960 Drive System

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