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58 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Overview Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 ATV980 regenerative drive systems Overview Concept The ATV980 Regenerative Drive Systems help improve the efficiency by feeding back the drive energy to the mains. Schneider Electric has developed a concept based on a 3-level technology that reduces the total current distortion factor (THDI) to a value below 5% and allows the full energy flow in both directions at the same time. During the development of the enclosure system, special attention was paid to make installation and operation simple. The result is a ready-to-connect enclosure for drives for which generator operating states can occur. This provides a 4-quadrant drive solution with shock-free changes from motor operation to generator operation. The modular system concept with more than 80 selectable options makes it possible to adapt the enclosure unit to individual requirements. The fully-tested, ready-to- connect enclosure allows quick installation and commissioning of the drive. Standard equipment The standard Regenerative offer contains active infeed modules as well as frequency inverter modules, filter components, semiconductor fuses, a main switch, a dV/dt filter choke (from 160 kW) helping to protect the motor, and spacious mains and motor bars for connecting the power cables. The design is based on the ready-assembled Sarel ''Spacial SF'' enclosures with a graphic operating panel integrated in the enclosure door. Inside the enclosure there is a spaciously designed control panel with the control components. It has compact dimensions, nevertheless there is enough space for additional extensions and accessibility for maintenance. Device features Simple use ATV980 drives pilot and stop each motor without any additional effort. This 4-quadrant (4Q) technology is an ideal solution for drives for which generator operating states can occur. This avoids having complex multi-drive solutions. Energy savings by highly efficient power regeneration The 3-level technology inside the active mains rectifier and the dynamically adapted DC link voltage help ensure an efficient flow of energy to and from the mains. ATV980 Drive Systems therefore help save electrical energy. Reduced load of the mains 3-level concept In comparison with the classic circuit structure of active mains rectifiers, the 3-level technology allows the switching frequency to increase and the current load to be reduced at the same time. This new technology achieves a total distortion factor (THDI) below 2% and thus fulfills the requirements of the IEEE 519 standard. The THDI is below 5% for distorted mains. Additionally, the cosinus Phi is equal to 1 in each load situation, helping to reduce the the load on the mains. An example ATV980 Regenerative Drive System M 3-level technology 4Q 4-quadrant technology

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