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60 Integrated EMC filters Altivar Process drives (except ATV930 ppp M3/M3C) have integrated radio interference input filters in accordance with the EMC standard for variable speed electrical power drive products IEC/EN 61800-3, edition 2, category C2 or C3 in environment 1 or 2, and to comply with the European EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) directive. The integrated EMC filter runs offthe leakage current to ground. The leakage current can be reduced by disconnecting the filter capacitors (please refer to the installation guide on our website In this configuration, the product does not comply with the European EMC directive. For drives Maximum length of shielded cable (1) acc. to IEC/EN 61800-3 category C2 IEC/EN 61800-3 category C3 m Three-phase supply voltage: 380480 V IP 21 ATV930U07N4 D45N4 50 150 ATV930D55N4/N4C...D90N4/N4C ATV930C11N4C...C16N4C 150 ATV930C22N4 ATV930C22N4C...C31N4C 50 Three-phase supply voltage: 380480 V IP 55 ATV950U07N4/N4ED45N4/N4E 50 150 ATV950D55N4/N4ED90N4/N4E 150 Three-phase supply voltage: 500...690 V IP 00 ATV930U22Y6...D90Y6 25 Additional EMC input filters Additional EMC input filters can be used to meet more stringent requirements and are designed to reduce conducted emissions on the line supply below the limits of standard IEC/EN 61800-3 category C1, C2 or C3. Use according to the type of line supply Use of these additional filters is only possible on TN (neutral connection) and TT (grounded neutral) type systems. Standard IEC/EN 61800-3, appendix D2.1, states that on IT systems (isolated or impedance grounded neutral), filters can cause permanent insulation monitors to operate in a random manner. If a machine needs to be installed on an IT system, one solution is to insert an isolation transformer and connect the machine locally to a TN or TT system. References For drives Maximum length of shielded cable (1) In (2) If Reference Weight IEC/EN 61800-3 category C1 (3) IEC/EN 61800-3 category C2 (3) IEC/EN 61800-3 category C3 (3) m A mA kg/ lb Three-phase supply voltage: 200...240 V 50 Hz ATV930U07M3...U15M3 50 150 300 8 7.6 VW3A4701 2.000/ 4.409 ATV930U22M3...U30M3 50 150 300 15 7.6 VW3A4702 2.400/ 5.291 ATV930U40M3...U75M3 50 150 300 35 7.6 VW3A4703 4.100/ 9.039 ATV930D11M3 50 150 300 50 7.6 VW3A4704 5.200/ 11.464 ATV930D15M3 50 150 300 70 13.9 VW3A4705 6.100/ 13.448 ATV930D18M3...D22M3 50 150 300 100 13.9 VW3A4706 6.500/ 14.330 ATV930D30M3...D37M3 ATV930D30M3C...D37M3C 50 150 300 160 13.9 VW3A4707 8.500/ 18.739 ATV930D45M3 ATV930D45M3C 50 150 300 200 13.9 VW3A4708 9.500/ 20.944 ATV930D55M3C 50 150 300 240 27.8 VW3A4709 15.000/ 33.069 ATV930D75M3C 50 150 300 305 27.8 VW3A4710 17.000/ 37.479 (1) The maximum lengths are given as examples only, as they vary depending on the stray capacitance of the motors and the cables used. If motors are connected in parallel, it is the total length of all cables that should be taken into account. (2) Nominal filter current. (3) Values given depend on the nominal switching frequency of the drive. This frequency depends on the drive rating. Presentation, references Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 EMC filters Altivar Process drive with integrated EMC filter L1 L2 L3 ATV930 ppp N4 ATV930 ppp N4C ATV930 ppp Y6 ATV950 ppp N4 ATV950 ppp N4E with integrated filter M1 3 Altivar Process drive with additional EMC filter L1 L2 L3 M1 3 Additional EMC filter ATV930 ppp M3 ATV930 ppp M3C ATV930 ppp N4 ATV930 ppp N4C ATV950 ppp N4 ATV950 ppp N4E

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