Altivar Process 900 Variable Speed Drives Page 61 Altivar Process ATV900 Drive Systems and Altivar Outdoor

61 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 ATV980 regenerative drive systems Drive Systems Type Designation Consult the following diagram for an explanation of the Altivar 980 Regenerative Drive System catalog numbers. For more information, see page 57. Catalog number example: ATV980C16T4X2. Altivar 980 System Concept Altivar Process drive systems are manufactured according to the design selected (basic device and options) are are delivered as a drive unit ready to connect. They include the functionally necessary components. Depending on the local conditions and the requests on the drive, the basic design can be supplemented with options. Options for the power path, control and operation, and mechanical options are available. They are all integrated into the enclosure unit. Enclosure dimensions vary depending on the options selected. Product ATV Description Altivar Regenerative Drive Systems 110 / 90 kW 800 / 630 kW 3 AC 460 V 10% UL ATV 980 C16 X2 T4 Segments 980 Drive power C11...C80 Mains Voltage T4 Design variant X2 Encoder * Optionally selectable ** With optional WIFI module (TCSEGWB13FA0) Fieldbusses Ref. values Act. values Smartphone Tablet Digital Signals Inputs/Outputs RS 485/PC Modbus Ethernet LCD Operating Panel Control and monitoring options* Options cards Control block V Mains I Motor V Motor V DC Power on DC Precharge 3-level AFE IGBTs Type 12 protection LCD Operating Panel Mains disconnect* Clean Power Filter Charging cycle EMV Line contactor Motor protection* BR*

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