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65 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900 Altivar outdoor ATV930 Technical Characteristics Input voltage 460 Vac 10%, three phase Other voltages available on request Short circuit current rating (AC symmetrical) 65 kA Control voltage 24 Vdc, 115 Vac +10%/-15% (control power transformer included) Displacement power factor 98% through speed range (in AFC operation mode) Input frequency 50/60 Hz 5% Output voltage Three-phase output, maximum voltage equal to input voltage Galvanic isolation Galvanic isolation between power and control (inputs, outputs, and power supplies) Output frequency range of power converter 0.1-599 Hz (factory setting of 60 Hz) Torque/Overtorque Normal Duty: 120% of nominal motor torque for 60 s Heavy Duty: 150% of nominal motor torque for 60 s Current (transient) Normal Duty: 120% of drive rated current for 60 s Heavy Duty: 150% of drive rated current for 60 s Switching frequency Selectable from 0.5-8 kHz. Factory setting: 2.5 kHz The drive reduces the switching frequency automatically in the event of excessive heatsink temperature. Storage temperature -13 to +149 F (-25 to +65 C) Operating temperature +14 to +122 F (-10 to +50 C) -13 to +122 F (-25 to +50 C) (Cold Weather Option) Humidity 95% with no condensation or dripping water, conforming to IEC 60068-2-78 Altitude 3,300 ft (1000 m), without derating, Derating of the current by 1% for each additional 330 ft (100 m) b up to 6,561 ft (2000 m) maximum b up to 12,467 ft (3800 m) maximum (TN, TT, or IT systems only. No corner grounded delta systems allowed.) b up to 15,747 ft (4800 m) maximum (TN, TT systems only. No delta connected systems.) Enclosure UL Type 3R; outdoor (ventilated) Pollution degree Pollution degree 2 (Types 1 and 3R) or 3 (Type 12) per NEMA ICS-1 Annex A and IEC 61800-5-1 Operation test vibration Conforming to IEC/EN 60068-2-6 1.5 mm at 3-10 Hz, 0.6 g at 10-200 Hz 3M3 conforming to IEC/EN 60721-3-3 Transit shock test Conforming to National Safe Transit Association and International Safe Transit Association test for packages. Operational shock Conforming to IEC/EN 60068-2-27 4 g for 11 ms 3M3 conforming to IEC/EN 60721-3-3 Codes and standards UL Listed per UL 508A cUL Listed per C22.2 No. 14-13 IEEE519 compliant (passive harmonic filter required); Conforms to applicable NEMA ICS, NFPA, and IEC standards; Manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.

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