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66 Presentation, references Variable speed drives Altivar Process ATV900: Output filters Option: Sinus filters Presentation Sinus filters allow Altivar Process drives to operate with long motor cables: b 500 m (1,640 ft) with a shielded cable b 1,000 m (3,280 ft) with an unshielded cable The minimum switching frequency at which sinus filters can operate is 4 kHz. This is the default value when the sinus filter function is activated on the variable speed drive (please refer to the programming guide on our website The output frequency must be less than 100 Hz. At 100% load, the voltage drop is less than 8% with output frequency 50 Hz and switching frequency 4 kHz. Applications For applications requiring: b Long cable runs b Motors connected in parallel b Submersible pumps sensitive to dv/dt b An intermediate transformer between the drive and the motor Sinus filters For drives Nominal current Degree of protection Reference (1) Weight A IP kg/ lb Three-phase supply voltage: 200...240 V ATV930U07M3 6 20 VW3A5401 10.000/ 22.046 ATV930U15M3...U30M3 15 20 VW3A5402 13.500/ 29.762 ATV930U40M3 25 20 VW3A5403 20.000/ 44.092 ATV930U55M3...D11M3 50 20 VW3A5404 35.000/ 77.162 ATV930D15M3...D22M3 95 20 VW3A5405 60.000/ 132.277 ATV930D30M3...D45M3 ATV930D30M3C...D45M3C 180 00 VW3A5406 90.000/ 198.416 ATV930D75M3C (2) 305 00 VW3A5407 134.000/ 295.419 (1) The filters are designed to operate in a switching frequency range of between 4 and 8 kHz. (2) In Normal duty, apply a derating of Pn-1 to the drive nominal power with a minimum switching frequency of 4 kHz. For example: An ATV930D75M3C drive with sinus filter can be used on a 55 kW motor. Sinus filter M1 3 Altivar Process drive with sinus filter ATV930 ppp M3 ATV930 ppp M3C ATV930 ppp N4 ATV930 ppp N4C ATV930 ppp Y6 ATV950 ppp N4 ATV950 ppp N4E Presentation: page 8 Variable speed drives: page 18 Configuration and runtime tools: page 28 Combinations: page 32 Dimensions: page 76

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