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72 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Services Variable speed drives Altivar Process A whole world of Services for your Drives by Schneider Electric A worldwide network, 24/7: b 400 highly qualified and certified experts b Field service engineers, online experts A digital world of Services: b Schneider Electric Customer Care app b Remote technical support People Digitized support material Spare parts Service provisions A dedicated supply chain: b All the spare parts you need b Designed and manufactured by Schneider Electric An optimal life cycle model: b Spare parts management, Exchange and Repairs b Extended warranties, Maintenance plans Schneider Electric drive maintenance expert certification A worldwide network, 24/7: b 400 highly qualified and certified experts b Our Field Service Engineers follow a proven Drives certification program designed to support you with maximum expertise and efficiency. b For fast, in-depth diagnostics and repairs, they are equipped with professional tools and software. Repair Centers Low Voltage (LV) Drives field service engineers Medium Voltage (MV) Drives field service engineers Module A LV drive safety training MV drive safety training Module B Technical training for LV drives Technical training for MV drives Module C Repair center audit Skills assessment On-site start-up Module D Certification procedure Module E Registration in Schneider Electric's international directory of Drives skills Module F Re-certification every 2 years Overview Schneider Electric offers an extensive range of support services to help ensure the reliability of your installation in the long term, control your maintenance costs, and keeping your process running at peak performance for maximum efficiency. Altivar Process is designed in harmony with a whole range of services offered by Schneider Electric.

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