Climasys Technical Guide Preventing Condensation Page 2 The Problem

2 Preventing condensation Contents The problem 2-3 Ultra-thin resistance heaters 4-7 Overview of the offer 8-10 Unsettled global weather patterns in recent decades have been accompanied by sudden temperature variations, torrential rain, high levels of humidity, and extreme temperatures. These phenomena can be harmful to control panels running critical functions (such as road traffic, infrastructure, and continuous processes), which contain a considerable amount of electronic equipment and are often installed in severe environments. Condensation and humidity on Implications... Appearance of one of the signs of condensation High humidity Low temperature Dew point frequently reached Accelerated aging Oxidation Consequences... High costs of service interruptions or breakdowns. Risk of unreliable equipment . Risk of short circuits and malfuctions 1 hour's stoppage for a mobile phone operator = $60,184

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