Climasys Technical Guide Preventing Condensation Page 5 Ultra-thin resistance heaters

Preventing condensation 5 innovative solution to humidity 1 Minimum thickness They are extremely slim: 0.063 in. As a result, the usable space in the cabinet is optimized for installing equipment. This can increase the usable space by up to 30%! 2 Multiple options for mounting Innovative quick-mounting system using Velcro pads (no need for a tool) or with basic mounting accessories (screw + spacer). These systems make it easy to move the heater if necessary. 4 Low starting current: energy efficiency Ultra-thin resistance heaters are ohmic: therefore, they have a low starting current. 5 No interference emissions These heaters can be installed near electronic equipment to maintain the desired temperature without the risk of electromagnetic interference. 3 Numerous positions for installation These heaters are so slim and flexible they can be installed in a variety of positions: Vertically on side panels On the mounting plate

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