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8 Preventing condensation Overview of the offer System Airing Ventilating Heating Natural convection causes the temperature to drop inside the enclosure. A simple solution for this includes installing grills. Fans with filters are designed to evacuate a large amount of heat economically. The resistance heaters prevent the formation of condensation and help ensure the ideal temperature for the correct operation of the electronic components. When should it be used? This solution can only be used when the power to be dissipated is low, in an environment with small amounts of dust. When larger amounts of heat need to be evacuated in a polluted environment. The resistance heaters are used to reheat the electrical switchboard when the ambient temperature is too low or to prevent the formation of condensation. Ta: Ambient temperature Td: Desired temperature Ta < Td The internal and external air circuits must be independent. NO Advantages Economic solution. No maintenance. Quick and easy installation. Economic solution. Easy maintenance. Quick and easy installation. Even temperature inside the enclosure. High protection rating: IP54 or IP55. Small dimensions. Equipped with a PTC-type heating system, which stabilizes the surface temperature of the aluminum profile. Available in two versions: insulated with low surface temperature or in aluminum when the surface temperature is limited to 167 F. The fan-equipped resistances help ensure an even temperature inside the enclosure. Disadvantages Small amount of heat evacuated. Reduction of the IP protection rating. Entry of dust particles. The temperature inside the enclosure is always higher than the external temperature. The internal and external air circuits are in contact. Maintenance required: filter replacement. Solutions Ventilation devices Fans and outlet grills Resistance heaters

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