Connexium Connecting Ethernet Devices Page 10 ConneXium switches and firewalls selection guide

Device type Managed switches, 8 extended ports, copper twisted pair and fiber optic (1) Interfaces Copper cable ports Number and type 8 x 10/100BASE-TX ports 6 x 10/100BASE-TX ports 6 x 10/100BASE-T ports Shielded connectors RJ45 Medium Shielded twisted pair, category CAT 5E Total length of pair 100 m/ 328.08 ft Fiber optic ports Number and type 2 x 100BASE-FX ports Connectors Duplex SC Medium Multimode fiber Single-mode fiber Length of fiber 50/125 m 5,000 m/ 16,404.15 ft (2) 62.2/125 m 4,000 m/ 13,123.32 ft (2) 9/125 m 32,500 m/ 106,627 ft (3) Attenuation analysis 50/125 m fiber 8 dB 62.2/125 m fiber 11 dB 9/125 m fiber 16 dB Ethernet services FDR, SMTP V3, SNTP client, multicast filtering for optimization of the Global Data protocol, configuration via Web access,VLAN, IGMP Snooping, RSTP (RapidScanningTreeProtocol) , priority port, data stream control, secure port Topology Number of switches Cascaded Unlimited Redundant in a ring 50 max. Redundancy Redundant power supplies, redundant single ring, ring coupling, rings supporting MRP, Fast HIPER Ring and RSTP Power supply Voltage 18...60 V c Consumption 10 W 12 W Removable terminal block 2 terminal blocks, 2 terminals Operating temperature 0+ 60C/ + 32+ 140F Relative humidity 1090% non-condensing Degree of protection IP 30 Dimensions W x H x D 120 x 137 x 115 mm/ 4.72 x 5.39 x 4.53 in. Mounting On symmetrical DIN rail, 35 mm/ 1.38 in. wide Weight 1 kg/ 2.205 lb Conforming to standards IEC/EN 61131-2, IEC 61850-3, UL 508, UL 1604 class 1 division 2, CSA 22.2 No. 214 (cUL), CSA 22.2 No. 213 class 1 division 2 (cUL), e , GL, C-Tick, LR, BV, ATEX Zone 2 LED indicators Power supply status, alarm relay status, active redundancy, redundancy management, copper port status, and copper port activity Alarm relay Detected fault (power supply, Ethernet network, or communication port) (volt-free contact 1 A max. at 24 V c , 2-way) Reference TCSESM083F23F1 TCSESM063F2CU1 TCSESM063F2CS1 Pages 24 (1)ThesemanagedswitchesarealsoavailableinaConformalCoatingversionforharsh environments.Inthiscase,addtheletterCtotheendofthereference. (2)Lengthdependentontheattenuationanalysisandattenuationofthefiber (typical value: 2,000 m/6,561.66 ft). (3)Lengthdependentontheattenuationanalysisandattenuationofthefiber (typical value: 15,000 m/49,212.45 ft). Selection guide (continued) Ethernet network Cabling system ConneXium managed switches 10

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