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2 12 Selection guide General Motion Control Drives, motors and linear motion axes Servo Drives and Motors Applications Lexium servo drives are the perfect drives for applications involving high-precision and dynamic positioning Lexium 23 Plus and BCH motor Lexium 32 and BMH or BSH motor Description The Lexium 23 Plus servo range consists of two book-size servo drive models, Lexium 23A with CANopen interface, Lexium 23D with pulse train interface plus the motor family Lexium BCH from ultra low inertia to high inertia. The Lexium 32 servo range consists of three high-performance book-size servo drive models, Lexium 32 Compact, Lexium 32 Advanced and Lexium 32 Modular, and two motor families, the versatile medium-inertia Lexium BMH and the dynamic low-inertia Lexium BSH. Machines Textile machines, Electronics machines, Packaging machines, Material working machines, Material handling machines, Printing machines Packaging machines, Material handling machines, Material working machines, Assembling machines Technical information Power range 0.1 kW...7.5 kW 0.157 kW Voltage range 1 or 3-phase 170...255 VAC 1-phase 115...240 VAC, 3-phase 208...480 VAC Speed 1,000 rpm to 3,000 rpm depending on the motor up to 8,000 rpm Torque up to 47.74 Nm up to 84 Nm Interfaces CANopen CANopen, CANmotion, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, Pulse train, +/- 10V Encoder modules for digital and analog encoders and resolvers Safety functions - Safe Torque Off (STO) on board Enhanced Safety Module: Safe Stop 1 (SS1), Safe Stop 2 (SS2), Safely Limited Speed (SLS), Safe Operation Stop (SOS) See page 14 15

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