General Motion Control Catalog Page 14 Servo drives and motors

3 14 Presentation General Motion Control Servo Drives and Motors Lexium 23 Plus, Lexium BCH Lexium 23 Plus, the compact servo drive combined with the powerful Lexium BCH servo motor, enhances your installation through added efficiency and flexibility Easy integration > The numerous servo drive functions include speed and torque control, auto- tuning, and positioning > Open communication concept enables simple integration within a wide range of different control system architectures Simple commissioning and lower installation costs > The Lexium 23 CT PC commissioning software includes an auto-tuning function which enables extremely fast start-up > The simplicity of the Lexium 23 Plus servodrive wiring simplifies installation and reduces global installation costs Compact range > The compact size of the Lexium 23 Plus makes it ideal for use where space is limited Flexibility Lexium 23 Plus servo drives feature standard digital and analog I/O, and one of the following communication interfaces, depending on the model: > Interface for CANopen/CANmotion machine bus (LXM23A) > Pulse/direction (P/D) interface (LXM23D) Lexium 23 Plus servo drives BCH servo motors

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