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General Motion Control

Servo Drives and Motors

Lexium 23 Plus

Main functions Lexium23A-CAN version Lexium23D-Pulse Train version

Communication CANopen CANmotion Pulse Train RS232 Pulse Train RS232 Operating modes Jog mode Profile Position mode Profile Velocity mode Profile Torque mode Homing mode Electronic gearbox Positioning mode Speed mode Torque mode Functions Auto-tuning 2-notch filters Position capture Auto-tuning 2-notch filters Position capture 24V logic inputs 8 reassignable 24V logic outputs 5 reassignable Analog inputs 2 Pulse control input RS422 500 kHz (standard)/4 MHz (high-speed) 200 kHz open collector ESIM PTO output 1 RS422 Encoder High-speed pulse train Architecture Control via: CANopen CANmotion Pulse Train Analog input Control via: Pulse Train Analog input Type of servo drive Lexium 23A Lexium 23D

Main functions

Application type From ultra-low inertia to high inertia, suitable for highly dynamic and high-load applications Flange size 40, 60, 80, 100, 130 and 180 mm Continuous stall torque 0.32 to 47.74 Nm Encoder type 20-bit incremental Degree of protection Casing IP65 Shaft end IP40 (standard)/IP65 (option) Type of servo motor Lexium BCH

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