General Motion Control Catalog Page 19 Servo drives and motors

3 19 References General Motion Control Servo Drives and Motors Modules for Lexium 32M and setup software Communication modules Lexium 32M can be connected to the following communication buses and networks: CANopen and CANmotion, DeviceNet, Profibus DP V1, EtherNet/IP, I/O module Reference CANopen/CANmotion module with 2 * RJ 45 connec- tors VW3A3608 CANopen/CANmotion module with SUB-D 9 connector VW3A3618 DeviceNet module VW3M3301 Profibus DP V1 module VW3A3607 EtherNet/IP module VW3A3616 CANopen/CANmotion module with one 5-way screw terminal block VW3A3628 EtherCAT module with 2 RJ45 connectors VW3A3601 I/O module with 4DI, 2DO, 2AI, 2AO VW3M3302 Second encoder modules Machine Motor Lexium 32M has an input for an additional encoder to connect third-party motors (motor encoder) or to improve positioning accuracy (machine encoder) Reference Module for resolver encoder VW3M3401 Yes Module for digital encoder (A/B/I, BiSS, EndDat 2.2, SSI) VW3M3402 Yes Module for analog encoder (1 Vpp/Hall, 1 Vpp, Hiper- face) VW3M3403 Yes (Hiperface only) Yes Safety module The eSM module allows Lexium 32M servo drives to access additionnal IEC/EN 61800-5-2 safety functions: SS1, SS2, SLS, SOS Reference The eSM safety module VW3M3501 SoMove setup software The SoMove setup software is used to configure, adjust, debug and maintain the Lexium 32 servo drive, just like other Schneider Electric variable speed drives and starters. It communicates via a Bluetooth wireless link with the servo drive, which is equipped with the Modbus- Bluetooth adaptor (VW3A8 114). SoMove Mobile application for mobile phone The SoMove Mobile software converts any compatible mobile phone into a remote graphic display terminal, offering an identical Human-Machine Interface. Particularly suitable for on-site or remote maintenance operations, the SoMove Mobile software can be used to print out and save configurations, import them from a PC and export them to a PC, or to a servo drive equipped with the Modbus adaptor via the Bluetooth wireless link.

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