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4 28 Offer presentation General Motion Control Integrated Drives Lexium IL p Integrated Drives Lexium ILA Lexium ILE Lexium ILS Type of process Dynamic process and accurate positioning Automatic format adjustment Short distance movements with accurate positioning Type of technology Integrated drive with servo motor Integrated drive with DC brushless motor Integrated drive with three-phase stepper motor Main characteristics Highly dynamic Compact Integrated holding brake as an option High holding torque without power Integrated gearbox as an option High torque at low speed Dynamic gggg gg ggg Precision and stability gggg gg gggg Energy saving ggggg gggg gg Motor inertia Medium Control interface Control signals Input/output Pulse/direction Input/output Buses and networks CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, RS 485 serial link, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, Modbus TCP, Ethernet Powerlink, EtherNet/IP Motion bus - Drive/motor combinations Nominal power 150...350 W 100...350 W Nominal speed 500...9000 rpm 1500...7000 rpm 0...1000 rpm Nominal torque 0.26...0.78 Nm 0.18...0.5 Nm 0.45...6 Nm Drive characteristics Safety function "Safe Torque Off" Power supply 24...48 VDC max. 10 A Motor characteristics Type of sensor (resolution) Single-turn SinCos encoder (16,384 increments/turn) Multiturn SinCos encoder (16,384 increments/turn 4,096 turns) Absolute value encoder (12...1,380 increments/turn) Index pulse monitoring Motor flange size 57 66 57, 85 Accessories Cable, Connector kits, Installation sets, Commissioning tools, Planetary gearboxes References ILA ILE ILS

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