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5 33 Lexium Linear Motion is a comprehensive linear motion range comprising Lexium PAS portal axes, Lexium TAS linear tables, Lexium CAS cantilever and telescopic axes and Lexium MAX multi-axis systems Solutions for numerous linear motion tasks > For axis systems below, above and next to the working area, with any combination of arrangements > Up to three dimensions with stroke lengths of up to 5500 mm > Any combination of axis types Modular kit system for consistent, easy mounting and maintenance > Axes with identical adaptation and motor interfaces > < 5 minutes for motor replacement due to flexible adaptation > Large selection of versions, e.g. for special ambient conditions (corrosion- resistant) > Completely pre-assembled with energy supply chain > Common spare parts > Optimized parts logistics Customized and complete solutions > Single-axis and multi-axis systems adapted to individual requirements in terms of length and stroke, precise to within a millimeter > Available with mounted motors and/or gearboxes > Complete systems available including controllers, drives and motors Presentation General Motion Control Linear Motion Lexium PAS, TAS, CAS, MAX Lexium MAX Multi-axis systems for 2 or 3-dimensional positioning solutions Lexium CAS Standardised cantilever and telescopic axes Lexium PAS Portal axes with fixed-axis body and moving carriage

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