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1 5 General presentation General Motion Control Reduce your machine's time-to-market with Tested, Validated and Documented Architectures and function blocks The choice of automation solutions is now, more than ever, a determining factor in supplying machines with shorter lead times that are more efficient, productive and reliable, at a reduced cost. To meet this demand, Schneider Electric offers MachineStruxure TM automation solutions, which help machine builders to quickly design machines that are optimized with regard to costs and energy efficiency, whilst maximizing their performance throughout the service life of the machine. MachineStruxure TM solutions propose Tested, Validated and Documented Architectures with standard or application function block libraries. Machine solution Application functions Grouping/Ungrouping Lateral position control Digital tension control Analog 1m tension control Rotary knives Heating temperature control Flying shear 1 3 4 2 5 6 Motion products Modicon LMC058 controller Lexium 32 servo drive Lexium BMH and BSH servo motors Lexium 32i integrated servo drive Lexium MAX R3 multi-axis system 1 3 4 2 5 > Predetermined equipment lists > Tested : in various possible configurations for proper function relative to performance > Validated : functional compatibility of devices > Documented : a complete system user guide, predefined CAD panel design and wiring diagrams

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