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1 6 General presentation General Motion Control Whatever your architectures is like, our high-performance drives are easy to integrate Schneider Electric offers a complete range of servo and integrated servo drives that allows you to realise any kind of motion architectures and applications. Regardless whether you work within a Schneider Electric solution or if you integrate the motion devices and functions in your own architecture. Schneider Electric's offer helps you make the right choice. Motion control Coordinated movements Synchronized movements Drives Interface CANopen Profibus DP Ethernet I/P Modbus TCP Ethernet Powerlink Pulse Train CANmotion EtherCAT Lexium 23 Plus W W W Lexium 32 W W W Lexium 32i W W W Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS W W W W W W CANopen Profibus DP EtherNet/IP Pulse Train EtherCAT Powerful Control Loop 3 rd party Motor Embedded Safety STO Lexium 32 3 rd party Controller M CANopen CANmotion Pulse Train Powerful Control Loop Schneider Electric Motor Embedded Safety STO SS1 SS2 SLS SOS Lexium 32 M Schneider Electric Controller > Easy to integrate in your architecture > Cost-effective solution > Superior control loop performance > Embedded safety functions

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