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1 7 General presentation General Motion Control Embedded safety, get rid of the hassle of devising complex, proprietary safety concepts Safety is a complex and costly issue in the design and operation of a machine. To make things a lot simpler for you, Schneider Electric servo and integrated drives come with "Safe Torque Off" (1) on board in accordance with the IEC/EN 61800-5-2 standard. This function is compliant with and certified according to international standards and provides numerous benefits. Additional safety If your machine requires more safety functions than "Safe Torque Off", you can simply install the optional enhanced safety module eSM into the Lexium 32 servo drive. This module offers eSM safety module functions in accordance with the IEC/EN 61800-5-2 standard. Embedded Safety STO SS1 SS2 SLS SOS Drives Lexium 23 Plus Lexium 32 W eSM W eSM W eSM W eSM Lexium 32i W Lexium ILA, ILE, ILP W eSM optional safety module v STO t 0 v max v t 0 SS1 STO 200ms v=0 v max v t 0 SS2 SOS v SLS t 0 t s 0 SOS (1) Except Lexium 23 Plus. Embedded safety function > Simplified machine design and engineering > Less wiring > Simpler sensor systems > Shorter downtimes; resume exactly to the stage in progress before an incident. Compliance with international standards > Machine certification is made a lot easier

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