Harmony 16mm Push Buttons Page 1-3 General presentation and selection guide

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1/3 General presentation Control and signaling units 16 plastic Pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights Harmony XB6E monolithic, IP 65 and XB6 modular Harmony XB6 Harmony XB6E Available in the form of complete units or sub-assembliess Available in the form of complete unitsss Illuminated and non-illuminated selector switches Non-illuminated selector switches Non-illuminated mushroom head Emergency stop pusbuttons Illuminated and non-illuminated Emergency stop pushbuttons Optimized features of Harmony XB6E monolithic True-color and high LED brightness The Harmony XB6E range of illuminated units deliver super-bright, true-color LED light in six colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, White and Blue. This high level of brightness gives a clear indication regarding status of the machine. Emergency stop pushbuttons The trigger action Emergency stop pushbuttons are both illuminated and non- illuminated with turn-to-release and pull-to-release mechanisms. Accessories for a complete solution The Harmony XB6E range offers wide range of accessories that makes it easy to build a complete controlling solution and meet the installation needs. The accessories include five fast connector sockets, emergency labels, protective shutters, a bezel tightening tool and a blanking plug. Global and worldwide certified offer

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