Harmony 16mm Push Buttons Page 3-7 Harmony XB6 modular

3/7 Non illuminated units for user assembly Contact functions Body sub-assemblies Head sub-assemblies, rectangular, square or circular Head colors For pushbuttons Direct supply, for incandescent bulb Faston Flush push, spring return ZB6ZB p B see page 3/22 ZB6DA p see page 3/13 ZB6CA p see page 3/13 ZB6AA p see page 3/13 For mushroom head and Emergency stop pushbuttons 24 mm /0.945 in. , spring return 30 mm /1.181 in. , trigger action and mechanically latching (EN/ ISO 13850) Turn to release Key release ZB6AC p see page 3/14 ZB6AS834 see page 3/14 ZB6AS934 see page 3/14 For selector switches and key switches Selector switch heads, standard handle ZB6DD pp see page 3/16 ZB6CD pp see page 3/16 ZB6AD pp see page 3/16 Key switch heads ZB6DG pp see page 3/19 ZB6CG pp see page 3/20 ZB6AG pp see page 3/21 General (continued) Control and signaling units 16 plastic Harmony XB6 modular Pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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