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Type of products Pilot lights Pushbuttons, selector switches and pilot lights Biometric switches Description of range b LED pilot lights b Pushbuttons b Multiple-headed pushbuttons b Emergency Stop pushbuttons b Selector switches and key switches b Illuminated pushbuttons b Pilot lights Fingerprint readers 24V c b Stand-alone biometric switches b Stand-alone USB biometric switches b USB biometric switches dedicated to Schneider HMI (1) Features Products Monolithic, compact, low consumption Complete units or sub-assemblies (body + head) Monolithic Bezel Double insulated Double insulated (3) Metal, chromium plated or black Double insulated Double insulated, dark grey Shape of head Circular Circular, square or rectangular Circular Circular or square - Drilling or cut-out for fixing 8 mm and 12 mm/ 0.315 in. and 0.472 in. 16 mm/ 0.630 in. 22 mm/ 0.866 in. Degree of protection Conforming to IEC 60529 IP 40 IP 65 with seal IP 65 IP 66 IP 69K (Selector switches and key switches, multiple-headed pushbuttons and Emergency Stop pushbuttons with bellows) IP 65 (control button) Conforming to UL 508 and CSAC22-2N 14 Enclosure type 4, 4X and 13 Enclosure type 12 Cabling Tags for 2.8 x 0.5 mm/ 0.110 x 0.020 in. connectors or threaded connector Faston connectors Solder pins for printed circuit boards (3) Fast connector socket (4) Spring clamp terminal connections Screw clamp terminal connections Faston connectors Connector With adaptor for printed circuit board Cable or connectors Mounting Panel thickness 18 mm/ 0.0390.315 in. 16 mm/ 0.0390.236 in. Type references


(1) Compatible with Magelis i PC, STU, OT, GXO, GT (except GT1000 series), GK, GH, and GTO models. (2) Wireless and batteryless pushbutton and receiver ready-paired at the factory.

Control and signaling units

Selection guide


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