Harmony 22mm Plastic Push Buttons Page 8 Selection guide/General

8 Non illuminated units for user assembly Contact functions Body sub-assemblies Head sub-assemblies For pushbuttons, spring return, unmarked Screw clamp terminals ZB5AZ10 p /AZ141 see page 40 Flush push without cap/with set of 6 caps Flush push Flush push for insertion of legend Flush push, cap mounted/not mounted ZB5AA0/AA9 see page 14 ZB5AA p see page 14 ZB5AA p 8 see page 14 ZB5CA0/CA p see page 14 Faston ZB5AZ10 p 3 see page 44 Projecting Recessed push Booted flush push, for insertion of legend Projecting or recessed push ZB5AL p see page 16 ZB5AA p see page 15 ZB5AP pp /AP p S see page 17 ZB5CA p /CL p see page 15 For pushbuttons, spring return, marked Spring clamp terminals ZBE10 p 5 ZB5AZ10 p 5 see page 42 Flush push Projecting push Flush push ZB5AA p 3 p /AA p 4 p see page 18 ZB5AL p see page 18 ZB5CA p 3 p /CA p 9 p see page 18 For multiple-headed pushbuttons, spring return Double-headed Triple-headed ZB5AA7 ppp /AA79 ZB5AL734 p see page 22 ZB5AA7313 p , ZB5AA711 pp ZB5AA72124, ZB5AA791 see page 23 For push-push to release pushbuttons Flush push (caps mounted/not mounted) Projecting push Flush push (caps mounted/not mounted) ZB5AH pp /CH pp see page 28 ZB5AH p see page 28 ZB5CH0/CH0 p see page 28 For push-turn to release pushbuttons (1) Knob positions Key switches Knurled knob (1) ZB5AFD p see page 29 ZB5AF see page 29 Description Control and signaling units 22 Harmony XB5, plastic Pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights: sub-assemblies, ZB5A References: page 14

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