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Harmony 22mm Push Buttons For Harsh Environments - Page 7 Harmony XB4 metal


Push buttons with silicone booted head

Screw clamp terminal connections (Schneider Electric anti-retightening system)

Shape of head Type of push Type of contact Color of push Reference Weight kg N/O N/C

Complete units (IP 66 + IP 69K)

Booted, clear silicone (color of push unobscured) 1 Black XB4BP21 (ZB4BZ101 + ZB4BP2) 0.082 Green XB4BP31 (ZB4BZ101 + ZB4BP3) 0.082 Yellow XB4BP51 (ZB4BZ101 + ZB4BP5) 0.082 Blue XB4BP61 (ZB4BZ101 + ZB4BP6) 0.082 1 Red XB4BP42 (ZB4BZ102 + ZB4BP4) 0.082

Silicone booted heads only, with increased protection (IP 66 + IP 69K)

Flush Clear boot (1) For insertion of protected legend within head (2) White ZB4BP18 0.034 Green ZB4BP38 0.034 Red ZB4BP48 0.034 Yellow ZB4BP58 0.034 Blue ZB4BP68 0.034 Projecting Clear boot (1) White ZB4BP1 0.031 Black ZB4BP2 0.031 Green ZB4BP3 0.031 Red ZB4BP4 0.031 Yellow ZB4BP5 0.031 Blue ZB4BP6 0.031

Silicone booted heads only, standard for mounting with legend holder (IP 66)

Flush Colored boot White ZB4BP1S 0.034 Black ZB4BP2S 0.034 Green ZB4BP3S 0.034 Red ZB4BP4S 0.034 Yellow ZB4BP5S 0.034 Blue ZB4BP6S 0.034 Clear membrane For insertion of protected legend within head (2) White ZB4BP183 0.026 Green ZB4BP383 0.026 Red ZB4BP483 0.026 Yellow ZB4BP583 0.026 Blue ZB4BP683 0.026

Transparent boots for push buttons

Description For use with push button types Sold in lots of Unit reference Weight kg Single boots (1) Flush with circular head 10 ZBPA 0.002 Projecting with circular head and push-push version 10 ZBP0 0.002 Flush or projecting with circular head for food industry applications 10 ZBP0A 0.002

Colored boots

Description Color For use with Sold in lots of Unit reference Weight kg Colored boots (3) Black ZB4BP2S 10 ZBP012 0.003 Green ZB4BP3S 10 ZBP013 0.003 Red ZB4BP4S 10 ZBP014 0.003 Yellow ZB4BP5S 10 ZBP015 0.003 Blue ZB4BP6S 10 ZBP016 0.003

Heads with black metal bezel

To order, add a figure 7 to the references selected from above. Example: ZB4BP18 becomes ZB4BP187 . (1) Permissible panel thickness 1 to 5 mm, cannot be used with legend holders. (2) To order a legend for insertion within the head, please consult our website www.schneider-electric.com. (3) Can be replaced without dismantling the head.

Harmony XB4 metal 22 mm push buttons

Push buttons and switches for harsh environments

Spring return push buttons, unmarked



Assembly of other products using body/contact assemblies: see page 16.

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