Harmony 30mm Push Buttons Page 20 9001K heavy-duty operators with chrome-plated bezels

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 20 The 9001KA contact blocks are Fingersafe contact blocks (meeting VDE 0106 Part 100). They have one screw mounting and captive (backed out) plus/minus terminal screws. These contact blocks are double-break, direct-acting contacts. Because of the wiping action of these contacts, they are suitable for use with programmable controllers. All contact blocks listed below accept up to 2 #12#24 AWG solid or stranded wires. Recommended tightening torque for screw terminals is 7 lb-in Standard Contact Blocks Description Symbol Reference (Clear Cover) Direct-Acting KA1 (Green Cover) KA2 (Red Cover) Direct-Acting KA3 (Clear Cover) N.O. Contact Early Closing KA4 (Red Cover) N.C. Contact Late Opening KA5 (Green Cover) N.O. Contact Early Closing KA6 Additional Circuit Arrangements Sequencing (1) N.O. Contact of KA4 closes before N.O. Contact on KA1 KA4 KA1 Order One9001KA4 and One 9001KA1 Overlapping (1) N.O. Contact of KA4 closes before N.C. Contact of KA5 Opens KA4 KA5 Order One9001KA4 and One 9001KA5 (1) For push buttons or two-position selector switches only. For sequencing or overlapping contacts on other operators, refer to catalog 9001CT0001. Maximum Current Ratings for Control Circuit Contacts-9001KA1-KA6, KA21-KA25, KA31-KA35, KA1G-KA6G V AC V DC Inductive (NEMA / UL Type A600) 35% Power Factor Resistive 75% Power Factor Make, Break and Continuous Amperes Inductive and Resistive (NEMA Q600) Make Break Continuous Carrying Amperes Make and Break Continuous Carrying Amperes Amperes VA Amperes VA KA1 KA2 KA3 KA4 KA5 KA6 120 60 7200 6.0 720 10 125 250 600 0.55 0.27 0.10 0.55 0.27 0.10 2.5 240 30 3.0 480 15 1.5 600 12 1.2 Symbol Contact Blocks with Binder Head Screws (not Fingersafe) Gold Flashed Contacts with Standard Pressure Wire Terminals Reference Quantity (2) Reference KA21 25Up KA31 KA22 25Up KA32 KA23 25Up KA33 N.O. Early Closing KA24 25Up KA34 N.C. Contact Late Opening KA25 25Up KA35 (2) Minimum order quantity is 25. Contact blocks listed below are not Fingersafe, but provide: b Terminals that accept ring tongue/fork tongue connectors b Short single circuit contact blocks (0.75 deep vs. 0.97 deep on the Fingersafe) b For assembled operators, use form Y238 (add to reference as suffix, for example: 9001KRU1H13Y238) Contact blocks (not Fingersafe) Symbol Reference Symbol Reference KA1G N.O. Contact Early Closing KA4G KA2G N.C. Contact Late Opening KA5G KA3G N.O. Contact Early Closing KA6G Contact blocks with Quick-Connect terminals (not Fingersafe) Symbol Reference KA12 KA13 For dimensions, refer to catalog 9001CT0001 Harmony 9001K/SK/KX 30 mm push buttons 9001K Contact blocks References (continued) To select and order Contact Blocks, Light Modules, Knobs, and Accessories, see pages 50 to 59. Product range: page 5 Specifications: page 7 Dimensions: page 30 Mounting: page 31 Note: When ordering, add prefix 9001 to the reference.

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