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Harmony 30mm Push Buttons - Page 25 9001K heavy-duty operators with chrome-plated bezels

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Legend Plates

Standard Markings Plastic Legend Plates for use with 9001K Operators Aluminum Legend Plates for use with 9001K Operators 1-3/4" Square 2-1/4" Square 2-1/2" Square Black Legend Black Legend Blue Legend Silver Legend w/ Black Letters White Legend w/ Black Letters Black Legend w/ White Letters Silver Legend w/ Black Letters White Legend w/ Black Letters Black Legend w/ White Letters Silver Legend w/ Black Letters White Legend w/ Black Letters Black Legend w/ White Letters For Push Button or Pilot Light

Blank KN200SP KN200WP KN200BP KN100SP KN100WP KN100BP KN700SP KN700WP KN700BP KN200 KN300 KN800 Blank (red) KN200RP (2) KN200RP (2) KN200RP (2) KN100RP (2) KN100RP (2) KN100RP (2) KN700RP (2) KN700RP (2) KN700RP (2) KN200R (1) KN300R (1) KN800R (1) Start KN201SP KN201WP KN201BP KN101SP KN101WP KN101BP KN701SP KN701WP KN701BP KN201 KN301 KN801 Stop KN202RP (2) KN202RP (2) KN202RP (2) KN102RP (2) KN102RP (2) KN102RP (2) KN702RP (2) KN702RP (2) KN702RP (2) KN202 (1) KN302 (1) KN802 (1) On KN203SP KN203WP KN203BP KN103SP KN103WP KN103BP KN703SP KN703WP KN703BP KN203 KN303 KN803 Off KN204RP (2) KN204RP (2) KN204RP (2) KN104RP (2) KN104RP (2) KN104RP (2) KN704RP (2) KN704RP (2) KN704RP (2) KN204 (1) KN304 (1) KN804 (1) Emerg. Stop KN205RP (2) KN205RP (2) KN205RP (2) KN105RP (2) KN105RP (2) KN105RP (2) KN705RP (2) KN705RP (2) KN705RP (2) KN205 (1) KN305 (1) KN805 (1) Forward KN206SP KN206WP KN206BP KN106SP KN106WP KN106BP KN706SP KN706WP KN706BP KN206 KN306 KN806 Reverse KN207SP KN207WP KN207BP KN107SP KN107WP KN107BP KN707SP KN707WP KN707BP KN207 KN307 KN807 Close KN208SP KN208WP KN208BP KN108SP KN108WP KN108BP KN708SP KN708WP KN708BP KN208 KN308 KN808 Open KN209SP KN209WP KN209BP KN109SP KN109WP KN109BP KN709SP KN709WP KN709BP KN209 KN309 KN809 Down KN210SP KN210WP KN210BP KN110SP KN110WP KN110BP KN710SP KN710WP KN710BP KN210 KN310 KN810 Up KN211SP KN211WP KN211BP KN111SP KN111WP KN111BP KN711SP KN711WP KN711BP KN211 KN311 KN811 Fast KN212SP KN212WP KN212BP KN112SP KN112WP KN112BP KN712SP KN712WP KN712BP KN212 KN312 KN812 Slow KN213SP KN213WP KN213BP KN113SP KN113WP KN113BP KN713SP KN713WP KN713BP KN213 KN313 KN813 High KN214SP KN214WP KN214BP KN114SP KN114WP KN114BP KN714SP KN714WP KN714BP KN214 KN314 KN814 Low KN215SP KN215WP KN215BP KN115SP KN115WP KN115BP KN715SP KN715WP KN715BP KN215 KN315 KN815 Inch KN216SP KN216WP KN216BP KN116SP KN116WP KN116BP KN716SP KN716WP KN716BP KN216 KN316 KN816 In KN217SP KN217WP KN217BP KN117SP KN117WP KN117BP KN717SP KN717WP KN717BP KN217 KN317 KN817 Jog KN218SP KN218WP KN218BP KN118SP KN118WP KN118BP KN718SP KN718WP KN718BP KN218 KN318 KN818 Jog For. KN219SP KN219WP KN219BP KN119SP KN119WP KN119BP KN719SP KN719WP KN719BP KN219 KN319 KN819 Jog Rev. KN220SP KN220WP KN220BP KN120SP KN120WP KN120BP KN720SP KN720WP KN720BP KN220 KN320 KN820 Lower KN221SP KN221WP KN221BP KN121SP KN121WP KN121BP KN721SP KN721WP KN721BP KN221 KN321 KN821 Out KN222SP KN222WP KN222BP KN122SP KN122WP KN122BP KN722SP KN722WP KN722BP KN222 KN322 KN822 Reset KN223SP KN223WP KN223BP KN123SP KN123WP KN123BP KN723SP KN723WP KN723BP KN223 KN323 KN823 Run KN224SP KN224WP KN224BP KN124SP KN124WP KN124BP KN724SP KN724WP KN724BP KN224 KN324 KN824 Start Jog KN225SP KN225WP KN225BP KN125SP KN125WP KN125BP KN725SP KN725WP KN725BP KN225 KN325 KN825 Test KN226SP KN226WP KN226BP KN126SP KN126WP KN126BP KN726SP KN726WP KN726BP KN226 KN326 KN826 Raise KN227SP KN227WP KN227BP KN127SP KN127WP KN127BP KN727SP KN727WP KN727BP KN227 KN327 KN827 Decrease KN228SP KN228WP KN228BP KN128SP KN128WP KN128BP KN728SP KN728WP KN728BP KN228 KN328 KN828 Increase KN229SP KN229WP KN229BP KN129SP KN129WP KN129BP KN729SP KN729WP KN729BP KN229 KN329 KN829 Left KN230SP KN230WP KN230BP KN130SP KN130WP KN130BP KN730SP KN730WP KN730BP KN230 KN330 KN830 Right KN231SP KN231WP KN231BP KN131SP KN131WP KN131BP KN731SP KN731WP KN731BP KN231 KN331 KN831 Cycle Start KN232SP KN232WP KN232BP KN132SP KN132WP KN132BP KN732SP KN732WP KN732BP KN232 KN332 KN832 Feed Start KN233SP KN233WP KN233BP KN133SP KN133WP KN133BP KN733SP KN733WP KN733BP KN233 KN333 KN833 Cycle Stop KN234SP KN234WP KN234BP KN134SP KN134WP KN134BP KN734SP KN734WP KN734BP KN234 KN334 KN834 Motor Run KN236SP KN236WP KN236BP KN136SP KN136WP KN136BP KN736SP KN736WP KN736BP KN236 KN336 KN836 Motor Stop KN237SP KN237WP KN237BP KN137SP KN137WP KN137BP KN737SP KN737WP KN737BP KN237 KN337 KN837 Power On KN238SP KN238WP KN238BP KN138SP KN138WP KN138BP KN738SP KN738WP KN738BP KN238 KN338 KN838 Pull To Start Push To Stop N/A KN179SP KN179WP KN179BP KN779SP KN779WP KN779BP N/A KN379 N/A

For Selector Switch or Selector Push Button

For.-Rev. KN239SP KN239WP KN239BP KN139SP KN139WP KN139BP KN739SP KN739WP KN739BP KN239 KN339 KN839 Hand-Auto. KN240SP KN240WP KN240BP KN140SP KN140WP KN140BP KN740SP KN740WP KN740BP KN240 KN340 KN840 High-Low KN241SP KN241WP KN241BP KN141SP KN141WP KN141BP KN741SP KN741WP KN741BP KN241 KN341 KN841 Jog-Run KN242SP KN242WP KN242BP KN142SP KN142WP KN142BP KN742SP KN742WP KN742BP KN242 KN342 KN842 Man.-Auto. KN243SP KN243WP KN243BP KN143SP KN143WP KN143BP KN743SP KN743WP KN743BP KN243 KN343 KN843 Off-On KN244SP KN244WP KN244BP KN144SP KN144WP KN144BP KN744SP KN744WP KN744BP KN244 KN344 KN844 On-Off KN245SP KN245WP KN245BP KN145SP KN145WP KN145BP KN745SP KN745WP KN745BP KN245 KN345 KN845 Open-Close KN246SP KN246WP KN246BP KN146SP KN146WP KN146BP KN746SP KN746WP KN746BP KN246 KN346 KN846 Raise-Lower KN247SP KN247WP KN247BP KN147SP KN147WP KN147BP KN747SP KN747WP KN747BP KN247 KN347 KN847 Run-Jog KN248SP KN248WP KN248BP KN148SP KN148WP KN148BP KN748SP KN748WP KN748BP KN248 KN348 KN848 Slow-Fast KN250SP KN250WP KN250BP KN150SP KN150WP KN150BP KN750SP KN750WP KN750BP KN250 KN350 KN850 Start-Stop KN251SP KN251WP KN251BP KN151SP KN151WP KN151BP KN751SP KN751WP KN751BP KN251 KN351 KN851 Up-Down KN253SP KN253WP KN253BP KN153SP KN153WP KN153BP KN753SP KN753WP KN753BP KN253 KN353 KN853 Low-High KN254SP KN254WP KN254BP KN154SP KN154WP KN154BP KN754SP KN754WP KN754BP KN254 KN354 KN854 Stop-Start KN255SP KN255WP KN255BP KN155SP KN155WP KN155BP KN755SP KN755WP KN755BP KN255 KN355 KN855 Left-Right KN256SP KN256WP KN256BP KN156SP KN156WP KN156BP KN756SP KN756WP KN756BP KN256 KN356 KN856 On-Auto KN276SP KN276WP KN276BP KN176SP KN176WP KN176BP KN776SP KN776WP KN776BP KN276 KN376 KN876 Auto-Off-Hand KN258SP KN258WP KN258BP KN158SP KN158WP KN158BP KN758SP KN758WP KN758BP KN258 KN358 KN858 For.-Off-Rev. KN259SP KN259WP KN259BP KN159SP KN159WP KN159BP KN759SP KN759WP KN759BP KN259 KN359 KN859 Hand-Off-Auto. KN260SP KN260WP KN260BP KN160SP KN160WP KN160BP KN760SP KN760WP KN760BP KN260 KN360 KN860 Man.-Off-Auto. KN262SP KN262WP KN262BP KN162SP KN162WP KN162BP KN762SP KN762WP KN762BP KN262 KN362 KN862 Open-Off-Close KN263SP KN263WP KN263BP KN163SP KN163WP KN163BP KN763SP KN763WP KN763BP KN263 KN363 KN863 Up-Off-Down KN264SP KN264WP KN264BP KN164SP KN164WP KN164BP KN764SP KN764WP KN764BP KN264 KN364 KN864 Low-Off-High KN265SP KN265WP KN265BP KN165SP KN165WP KN165BP KN765SP KN765WP KN765BP KN265 KN365 KN865 Jog-Stop-Run KN267SP KN267WP KN267BP KN167SP KN167WP KN167BP KN767SP KN767WP KN767BP KN267 KN367 KN867 High-Low-Off KN270SP KN270WP KN270BP KN170SP KN170WP KN170BP KN770SP KN770WP KN770BP KN270 KN370 KN870 High-Off-Low KN277SP KN277WP KN277BP KN177SP KN177WP KN177BP KN777SP KN777WP KN777BP KN277 KN377 KN877 Auto-Man.-Off KN278SP KN278WP KN278BP KN178SP KN178WP KN178BP KN778SP KN778WP KN778BP KN278 KN378 KN878 (1) Legend plate has red background with silver letters. (2) Legend plate has red background with black letters.

Harmony 9001K/SK/KX 30 mm push buttons

9001K Legend plates



Product range: page 5 Specifications: page 7 Dimensions: page 30 Mounting: page 31

Note: When ordering, add prefix 9001 to the reference.

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