Harmony 30mm Push Buttons Page 49 9001SK corrosion-resistant operators with black plastic bezels

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 49 Specialty Operators-UL Types 4, 4X, 13/NEMA 4, 4X, 13 For use in hazardous locations, see page 53. Legend plate and contact blocks not included unless otherwise noted. Interlocked Assembly Description Color Contacts Without Contacts 9001SKR11U Interlocked Assembly Both Buttons Maintained Universal (1) SKR11UH1 SKR11U Other (2) SKR11 b H1 SKR11 b Interlocked Assembly One Button Momentary Universal (1) SKR12UH1H1 SKR12U Interlocked Assembly One Button Maintained Other (2) SKR12 b H1H1 SKR12 b (1) Universal for SKR11,12 includes 2 each of black, red, green, yellow, orange, blue, white. (2) Replace b with the color code as chosen from the following: B = black, R = red, G = green, L = blue, Y = yellow, W = white, S = orange, E = gray. Example: An SKR11 with top button gray and bottom button orange = SKR11ES Harmony 9001K/SK/KX 30 mm push buttons 9001SK Specialty operators References (continued) Product range: page 36 Specifications: page 38 Dimensions: page 60 Mounting: page 61 Note: When ordering, add prefix 9001 to the reference.

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