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Empty Enclosures Polycarbonate (for use with XB5 plastic push buttons, pilot lights, selector switches, mushroom head operators, legend plates and accessories)

Description Number of Holes Reference For normal environments, CSA approved and UL Listed (with stainless steel lid mounting screws) Light gray base RAL7035 Dark gray lid RAL7016 1 XALD01 2 XALD02 3 XALD03 4 XALD04 5 XALD05 Light gray base RAL7035, Yellow lid RAL1012 1 XALK01

Electrical Block and Accessories (for mounting on metal plate at back of enclosure)

Description Type Color Reference Electrical blocks with screw clamp terminal connections Metal-plate-mounting contact blocks N.O. contact ZENL1111 N.C. contact ZENL1121 Light blocks with 24 Vac/Vdc White ZALVB1 Green ZALVB3 Red ZALVB4 Yellow ZALVB5 Blue ZALVB6 120 Vac White ZALVG1 Green ZALVG3 Red ZALVG4 Yellow ZALVG5 Blue ZALVG6 230 Vac White ZALVM1 Green ZALVM3 Red ZALVM4 Yellow ZALVM5 Blue ZALVM6


Description Application Reference Plastic blanking plug, round-shape (must order mounting nut ZB5AZ901) XALD pp enclosures ZB5SZ3 Plastic blanking plug, square-shape (must order mounting nut ZB5AZ901) XALD pp enclosures ZB5SZ5 Mounting nut ZB5SZ p blanking plug ZB5AZ901 Grounding terminal XALD pp enclosures XALZ09 Tightening tool Tightening head mounting nut ZB5AZ901 ZB5AZ905

Harmony control stations and enclosures

XAL 22 mm control stations



XALD02 ZENL1111 ZALV ZB5SZ3 ZB5AZ905 Components: page 7 Specifications: page 8 Dimensions: page 12

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