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Tower Lights and Beacons

70 mm Diameter

Harmony XVE


XVE tower lights and beacons are designed for remote signaling of the status of a machine, equipment or specific application, either visually using illuminated units that are visible throughout 360 or audibly using an 85 dB buzzer. The XVE provides efficient signaling (5 colors available), at medium range distances (30 m (100 ft)), in both indoor and outdoor environments. The standard configuration of the tower lights and beacons is an IP 42 degree of protection, which is sufficient for the majority of indoor applications. Both the IP 42 pre-configured beacons and tower lights can be upgraded to IP 54 by using a sealing kit


. Composition The beacons are supplied complete and incorporate a single steady or "flash" b light illuminated unit and a short mounting base. They are ready to use. The tower lights must be assembled by the user and include: signaling units, b mounted on a base unit and a mounting base. These various items can be selected from the catalog. For a tower light, a maximum of 5 illuminated units or 4 illuminated units + v 1 audible unit can be assembled. The illuminated or audible units stack vertically and are easily fitted together. A v screw secures their mounting. Electrical connections between each unit are made automatically as the units are mechanically assembled. All signaling units are identical in size and their positioning is unrestricted. v

Signaling Functions

Steady Light Signaling Two types of light source are available for steady light signaling: The incandescent BA 15d base fitting bulb, 5 W max. power, is recommended v for infrequent usage and where no vibration or mechanical shock exists. LEDs are recommended for continuous usage: 100,000 operating hours without v maintenance and low consumption. They have a good resistance to vibration. Using an LED of a color best suited to the color of the lens unit provides optimal luminosity. Flashing Light Signaling Flashing light signaling is also obtained using the LED. It meets requirements regarding reliability, continuous usage, and electronic simplicity. A flashing function can also be obtained from a steady light LED illuminated unit by using a PLC output signal. " Flash " Light Signaling The light source is a 1 Joule discharge tube which delivers a powerful warning signal. It is available for the 5 colors. Audible Signaling Audible signaling is provided by a continuous tone buzzer with a power rating of 85 dB at 1 m.


Mounting Fixed onto a support panel using a plastic monobloc mounting base or a mounting base which is comprised of an aluminum support tube glued into a plastic mounting plate. Cabling By means of terminal block incorporated in base unit.




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