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Tower Lights and Beacons

70 mm Diameter

Harmony XVB

Harmony XVB tower lights and beacons are visual or audible signaling units used for indicating (with 360 visibility and visible at a distance) the various states of operation for a device or installation. Examples include: start, stop machine, no material, call technical staff, and fault signaling.

Illuminated Beacon

Complete Product XVBL Ready assembled with a single illuminated signaling unit: Steady light (with incandescent bulb or LED), b Flashing light (with incandescent bulb or LED), b "Flash" (with discharge tube). b The XVBL beacon includes: A base unit with a removable terminal block and bottom or side cable entry. b One colored illuminated unit (green, red, orange, blue, clear, or yellow). b

Tower Lights

Customer Assembled Product XVBC Variable assembly of one to five illuminated or audible units which are supplied as separate items (not pre-assembled). Maximum configuration: five units or four units + one "flash" unit. The XVBC tower lights include: A base unit with a removable terminal block and bottom or side cable entry ( b 2 ). One to five colored illuminated units (green, red, orange, blue, clear, or yellow): b with integral LED ( v 3 ), with integral LED and diffuser ( v 4 )


for incandescent bulbs or base mounted LEDs ( v 5 ) . One or two audible units ( b 6 ). A maximum of one "flash" discharge unit (5 Joule or 10 Joule) ( b 7 ), for mounting on top of the bank. A top cover ( b 8 ) (except when using a "flash" discharge tube). The illuminated or audible units stack vertically and are easily locked and b unlocked using an integral clamping ring. Electrical connections between each unit are automatically connected. A light diffuser, pre-fitted in illuminated units (XVBC2B b


D), with a base mounted LED, distributes the light evenly over the lens surface. When using the indicator banks in bright ambient light conditions, remove the diffuser to improve contrast.


For Beacons XVBL and Indicator Banks XVBC Mounting base comprised of a support tube glued into a plastic mounting plate, b to provide a height beneath the base unit of 80, 380 or 780 mm (3.14, 15, or 30.71 in) ( 9 ). Mounting plate for mounting on a vertical support ( b 10 ). Support tube concealment cover, b height of 100, 400, or 800 mm (3.94, 15.75, or 31.5 in) ( 11 ). Colored markers ( b 12 ). Legend holder with legend ( b 13 ). Legends that attach to the locking ring of each signaling unit for identification ( b 14 ). Adaptor and cable gland ( b 15 ). Base mounted LED ( b 16 ) or incandescent bulb ( 17 ). Diffuser ( b 18 )




Mounting Base unit fixed directly onto panel using 2 screws. b Fixed using a mounting base comprised of an aluminum support tube glued into a b plastic mounting plate. Cabling Through a removable terminal block incorporated in the base unit (simplified b wiring).

(1) The diffuser can only be used with LED illuminated units. Not compatible with units fitted with an incandescent bulb or " flash " discharge tube.




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