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Connection components for BCH2 servo motors

Description Use Composition Length m/ ft Reference Weight kg/ lb

Shielded encoder cordsets

Equipped with a connector at both ends (item 1 ) For BCH2 p B/ p D/ p F motors, for connection on CN2 interface 10x 0.13 mm 1.5 / 4.92 VW3M8D1AR15 0.500/ 1.102 3 / 9.84 VW3M8D1AR30 1.000/ 2.205 5 / 16.40 VW3M8D1AR50 1.200/ 2.646 Equipped with one MIL connector (servo motor side), and a irewire connector (servo drive side) (item 2 ) For BCH2 p H/ p M/ p R, for connection on CN2 interface 10x 0.13 mm 3 / 9.84 VW3M8D2AR30 1.300/ 2.866 5 / 16.40 VW3M8D2AR50 1.500/ 3.307

Encoder connector kits

Encoder connector kits For BCH2 p B/ p D/ p F motors (flange: 40/60/80 mm) with free leads connection (item 3 ) (sold in lots of 3) VW3M8D1A 0.150/ 0.331 For BCH2 p H/ p M/ p R motors (flange: 100/130/180 mm) with MIL connector (item 4 ) (sold in lots of 1) VW3M8D2A 0.150/ 0.331

Selection of motor connector kit, or encoder connector kit, according to BCH2 motor type

Motor Motor power cable connector kit Encoder connector kit Motor power cable Encoder cable

Without brake With brake

BCH2MBA53 p C p 5C VW3M5D1A VW3M5D1F VW3M8D1A VW3M5D1AR pp VW3M5D1FR pp VW3M8D1AR pp BCH2MB013 p C p 5C BCH2LD023 p C p 5C BCH2LD043 p C p 5C BCH2LF043 p C p 5C BCH2HF073 p C p 5C BCH2LF073 p C p 5C BCH2LH103 p C p 6C VW3M5D2A VW3M5D2A VW3M8D2A VW3M5D2AR pp VW3M5D2FR pp VW3M8D2AR pp BCH2LH203 p C p 6C BCH2MM081 p C p 6C BCH2MM031 p C p 6C BCH2MM052 p C p 6C BCH2MM061 p C p 6C BCH2MM102 p C p 6C BCH2MM091 p C p 6C BCH2MM152 p C p 6C BCH2MM202 p C p 6C BCH2MR202 p C p 6C VW3M5D2B VW3M5D2B VW3M5D4AR pp VW3M5D4FR pp BCH2MR301 p C p 6C VW3M5D6AR pp VW3M5D6FR pp BCH2MR302 p C p 6C BCH2MR352 p C p 6C BCH2MR451 p C p 6C




Lexium 28 motion control

BCH2 servo motors

Connection components: Encoder cordsets, connector kits,

1 2

VW3M8D1AR pp VW3M8D2AR pp

4 3


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