Lexium 32i Integrated Drive Catalog Page 16 Motor starters

16 Applications The combinations listed below can be used to create a complete motor starter unit comprising a contactor and a Lexium 32i integrated drive. The contactor turns on and manages any protection functions, as well as isolating the servo motor on stopping. The Lexium 32i provides protection against short-circuits and overloads. Overload protection is provided by the integrated drive's motor thermal protection function. Motor starters for Lexium 32i integrated drives Lexium BMI servo motor Max. prospective line Isc Contactor Reference Nominal power Reference (1) (2) kW kA Single-phase supply voltage: 100120 V a 50/60 Hz BMI0702T 0.4 1 LC1D09 pp BMI0703T 0.4 1 LC1D09 pp BMI1002T 0.75 1 LC1D18 pp Single-phase supply voltage: 200240 V a 50/60 Hz BMI0702T 0.7 1 LC1D09 pp BMI0703T 0.7 1 LC1D09 pp BMI1002T 1.3 1 LC1D18 pp Three-phase supply voltage: 400 V a 50/60 Hz BMI0702P 0.8 1 LC1D09 pp BMI0703P 0.9 1 LC1D09 pp BMI1002P 1.9 1 LC1D09 pp BMI1003P 2 1 LC1D09 pp Three-phase supply voltage: 480 V a 50/60 Hz BMI0702P 0.9 1 LC1D09 pp BMI0703P 0.9 1 LC1D09 pp BMI1002P 1.9 1 LC1D09 pp BMI1003P 2.1 1 LC1D09 pp (1) Composition of contactors: LC1D pp : 3 poles + 1 NO auxiliary contact and 1 NC auxiliary contact. In certain situations, it is possible to use an LC1K contactor with 1 NO auxiliary contact. (2) Replace pp with the control circuit voltage reference given in the table below: Volts a 110 115 220 230 240 LC1D09...D150 50/60 Hz F7 FE7 M7 P7 U7 For other available voltages between 24 V and 660 V, or for a DC control circuit, please contact our Customer Care Centre. Combinations Motion control Lexium 32i integrated drives Motor starters LC1D18 pp + BMI1002T ppp +

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