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22 Introduction, functions Lexium 32i integrated drives Motion control SoMove setup software Introduction SoMove is user-friendly setup software for PCs, designed for configuring the following Schneider Electric motor control devices: b ATV 12, ATV 312, ATV 31, ATV 32, ATV 61 and ATV 71 drives b ATS 22 and ATS 48 soft starters b TeSys U starter-controllers b TeSys T motor management system b Lexium 32 servo drives b Lexium 32i integrated servo drives SoMove software incorporates various functions for the device setup phases, such as: b Configuration preparation b Start-up b Maintenance To facilitate setup and maintenance, SoMove software can use a direct USB/RJ45 cable link or a Bluetooth wireless link. SoMove software is also compatible with the Multi-Loader configuration tool and SoMove Mobile software for mobile phones. These tools can save a significant amount of time when loading, duplicating or editing configurations on a device. SoMove software and the DTMs (Device Type Managers) associated with the devices can be downloaded from our website www.schneider-electric.com. Functions Configuration preparation in disconnected mode SoMove software has a genuine disconnected mode which provides access to the device parameters. This mode can be used to generate the device configuration. This configuration can be saved, printed and exported to office automation software. SoMove software also checks the consistency of the parameters, validating the configurations created in disconnected mode. A large number of functions are available in disconnected mode, in particular: b Device configuration software wizard b Configuration comparison function b Saving, copying, printing and creating configuration files for export to Multi- Loader, SoMove Mobile or Microsoft Excel tools, and sending configurations by e-mail Setup When the PC is connected directly to the device or to the communication bus (1) , SoMove software can be used for: b Transferring the generated configuration onto the device b Adjustment and monitoring, which includes such functions as: v Oscilloscope v Display of communication parameters b Easy control via the control panel user interface b Saving the final configuration Maintenance In order to simplify maintenance operations, SoMove software can be used to: b Compare the configuration of a device currently being used with a configuration saved on the PC b Transfer a configuration to a device b Compare oscilloscope curves b Save oscilloscope curves and faults (1) Requires a specific connection accessory. For further information, please consult our Customer Care Center. SoMove start page Example of connecting SoMove software to an ATV 12 drive SoMove control panel References: page 24 Compatibility: page 25

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