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23 Functions (continued) Lexium 32i integrated drives Motion control SoMove setup software Functions (continued) User interface SoMove software provides fast, direct access to information on the device via ive tabs: b My Device: Displays the device information (type, reference, software versions, option cards) b Parameters: Displays the device adjustment parameters, shown in a table or in the form of diagrams b Faults: Displays a list of the faults that may be encountered with the device, the fault log and any current faults or alarms b Monitoring: Provides a realtime display of the device status, its I/O and the monitoring parameters. It is possible to create your own control panel by selecting your parameters and how they are to be represented. b Oscilloscope: Provides a high-speed oscilloscope (for recording traces in the device) or low-speed oscilloscope (for recording traces in the software for devices that do not have an integrated oscilloscope) SoMove's user interface automatically adapts to the specific configured device by offering additional tabs: b Safety: for configuring the Safety functions on ATV 32 variable speed drives and Lexium 32 servo drives. It can also be used to: v Display the I/O v Compile and print a report b ATVLogic: for accessing the ATV 32 drive's programmable function blocks. It can also be used to: v Develop a program and transfer it to the drive v Display and debug the program already on the drive b Auto-tuning: for accessing the servo control settings for the three different operating modes of the Lexium 32 servo drive's auto-tuning function: v Automatic mode for quick setup, designed for simple applications v Semi-automatic mode for quick setup, with the option of optimizing the servo drive/servo motor combination (access to the mechanical and dynamic behavior parameters) v Expert mode for optimizing the adjustment parameters, designed for complex applications Connections Modbus serial link The PC running SoMove software can be connected directly via the RJ45 connector on the device and the USB port on the PC using the USB/RJ45 cable. See the product references on page 24. Bluetooth wireless link SoMove software can communicate via Bluetooth wireless link with any Bluetooth enabled device. If the device is not Bluetooth enabled, use the Modbus-Bluetooth adaptor (1) . This adaptor is connected to the terminal port or the Modbus network port on the device. It has a 20 m/ 65 ft range (class 2). If the PC does not have Bluetooth technology, use the USB-Bluetooth adaptor. (1) See the list of the available devices on page 24. SoMove oscilloscope function SoMove Safety function Introduction: page 22 References: page 24 Compatibility: page 25

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