Lexium 32i Integrated Drive Catalog Page 25 SoMove setup software

25 Compatibility of SoMove software with specific devices Device Range Version of software on the device Variable speed drive ATV 12, ATV 312, ATV 32 u 1.0 ATV 31 u 1.1 ATV 61, ATV 71 u 1.6 Soft starter ATS 22 u 1.0 ATS 48 u 1.5 Starter-controller TeSys U u 1.0 Motor management system TeSys T u 1.0 Servo drive Lexium 32 u 1.0 Integrated servo drive Lexium 32i u 1.0 Environments SoMove operates in the following PC environments and configurations: b Microsoft Windows 7 Professional b Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 b Microsoft Windows Vista Business SP2 b Pentium IV (or equivalent), 1 GHz, hard disk with 1 GB available space, 1 GB of RAM (minimum configuration) Compatibility Lexium 32i integrated drives Motion control SoMove setup software Introduction: page 22 References: page 24

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