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28 Introduction In many cases, motion control requires the use of planetary gearboxes to adapt speeds and torques, while providing the precision demanded by the application. Schneider Electric has chosen to use GBX planetary gearboxes and GBY angular planetary gearboxes (made by Neugart) with the Lexium BMI range of servo motors. The combination of Lexium BMI servo motors with the most suitable planetary fearboxes makes them very easy to mount and setup. The gearboxes are designed for applications that are not susceptible to mechanical backlash. They have a keyed shaft, are lubricated for life, and conform to IP 54 degree of protection. Available in 3 sizes (GBX80...GBX160), planetary gearboxes are offered with 15 reduction ratios (3:1...100:1). GBY angular planetary gearboxes are available in 2 sizes (GBY80GBY120) with 7 reduction ratios (3:1...40:1). The tables on pages 29 and 30 show the most suitable combinations of servo motor and GBX or GBY planetary gearbox. For other combinations or any additional information about planetary gearbox characteristics, refer to the servo motor data sheets or visit our website www.schneider-electric.com. A GBK adapter kit is also available for mounting Lexium BMI servo motors with GBX80GBX120 or GBY80GBY120 planetary gearboxes (see page 31). The GBX160 planetary gearbox is equipped as standard with an integrated adapter kit. The adapter kit includes: b Adapter plate b Shaft end adapter, depending on the model (depends on the servo motor/ planetary gearbox combination) b Accessories for mounting the plate on the planetary gearbox b Accessories for mounting the servo motor Introduction Lexium 32i integrated drives Motion control Lexium BMI servo motors Option: GB p planetary gearboxes GBY angular planetary gearbox GBX planetary gearboxes GBK adapter kit + GBX160 planetary gearbox (with integrated adapter kit) Introduction: page 6 Lexium 32i integrated drive: page 12 Configuration tools: page 18 Options: page 20

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