Lexium 32i Integrated Drive Catalog Page 31 Motor starters

31 References Motion control Lexium 32i integrated drives Lexium BMI servo motors Option: adapter kit for GB p planetary gearboxes References To order a GBK adapter kit, complete each reference as follows: GBK ppp p F Size of GBX or GBY planetary gearbox Casing diameter 80 mm/ 3.15 in. 080 120 mm/ 4.72 in. 120 Associated Lexium BMI servo motor BMI070 070 BMI100 100 2 stage motor 2 3 stage motor 3 Lexium BMI servo motor adapter F GBK adapter kit/Lexium BMI servo motor combinations Gearbox Lexium BMI servo motor 0702 p 0703 p 1002 p 1003 p GBK0800702F GBK0800703F GBK1200702F GBK1200703F GBK1201003F Compatible Not compatible (1) Weight of adapter kit: GBK080 ppp F: 0.450 kg/0.992 lb GBK120 ppp F: 0.650 kg/1.433 lb Introduction: page 6 Lexium 32i integrated drive: page 12 Configuration tools: page 18 Options: page 20

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