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4 Presentation (continued) Motion control Lexium 32i integrated drives Example of control system architecture with CANopen and CANmotion machine bus CANopen machine bus CANmotion Lexium 32A servo drive Lexium integrated drive Lexium SD3 stepper motor drive Lexium 32M servo drive BMH servo motor LMC058 motion controller Altivar 32 drive Lexium 32i integrated drive Lexium 32i integrated drive High performance The following Lexium 32i offer features help to increase machine performance: b Overload capacity: The high peak current (up to 4 times the direct current) increases the range of movement. b Power density: The compact size of the drives offers maximum efficiency in a small space. b High bandwidth: Better speed stability and faster acceleration improve the quality of control. b Motor control: Less vibration, a speed observer, and an additional band-stop filter enhance the quality of control. Design suitable for different control system structures The versatility of the Lexium 32i range offers excellent flexibility for integration into different control system structures. Depending on the model, the Lexium 32i has logic inputs and outputs, which can be configured according to application requirements. It also has communication interfaces for control via: b CANopen/CANmotion machine bus b EtherCAT machine bus Dedicated safety functions The Lexium 32i range is an integral part of a control system's safety system, featuring as it does an integrated Safe Torque Off (STO) function, which helps to prevent unintended servo motor operation. This function complies with standard IEC/EN 61508 level SIL3 governing electrical installations and the power drive systems standard IEC/EN 61800-1. It simplifies the setup of installations requiring complex safety equipment and improves performance during maintenance operations by reducing the time required for servicing. The bus connection module with STO option is required to access this function (see page 10). Lexium BMI servo motors - dynamic and powerful Lexium BMI servo motors are synchronous three-phase motors. They feature a SinCos Hiperface for automatic transmission of data from the servo motor to the communication interface and are available with or without a holding brake. Lexium BMI servo motors provide high power density values to optimize machine compactness. Available with two flange sizes and two different lengths for each lange size, they are suitable for most applications, covering a continuous torque range from 1.7 to 7.2 Nm for speeds up to 4700 rpm. They cover the power range 0.4 to 2.1 kW. BMI servo motors have a medium inertia motor, which means they are particularly suitable for high-load applications. They help to simplify installation and adjustment through a more robust adjustment of the movement. Lexium BMI servo motors are UL Recognized and conform to standard UL1004 as well as to European directives ( e marking). They are available with the following variants: b 2 flange sizes: 70 and 100 mm/ 2.76 and 3.94 in. b 2 degrees of protection for the shaft end: IP 54 or IP 65 in accordance with standard IEC/EN 60529 (the degree of protection of the casing is IP 65) b with or without holding brake b integrated single-turn or multi-turn SinCos Hiperface encoder (standard or high resolution) b smooth or keyed shaft end

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