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6 Presentation (continued) Motion control Lexium 32i integrated drives Communication interface Main functions (3) Communication interface LXM32ICAN LXM32IECT Communication interface Integrated Integrated Modbus link CANopen/CANmotion machine bus Integrated Modbus link EtherCAT bus Operating mode Homing Manual mode (JOG) Speed control Current control Position control Functions Auto-tuning, monitoring, stopping, stop window, conversion, rapid entry of position values 24 V c logic inputs (1) 4 max., reassignable 24 V c capture inputs (1) (2) 2, reassignable 24 V c logic outputs (1) 2, reassignable For use with the following models: VW3M9105, VW3M9110 Integrated safety function Safe Torque Off (STO) For use with the following models: VW3M9101, VW3M9103, VW3M9201, VW3M9203, VW3M9105,VW3M9106, VW3M9108, VW3M9206, VW3M9208, VW3M9110 Architecture Control via: b Schneider Electric or third-party PLCs via communication bus Drive BMI Application High load With robust adjustment of the movement Flange size 70 or 100 mm/ 2.76 or 3.94 in. Continuous torque 1.7 to 7.2 Nm Encoder Single-turn SinCos Hiperface b 32,768 points/turn b 131,072 points/turn Multi-turn SinCos Hiperface b 32,768 points/turn x 4096 turns b 131,072 points/turn x 4096 turns Degree of protection Casing IP 65 Shaft end IP 54 for horizontal mounting (IMB5) or vertical mounting with shaft end at the top (IMV1) or IP 65 (1) Unless otherwise stated, the logic I/O can be used in positive logic (Sink inputs, Source outputs) or negative logic (Source inputs, Sink outputs). (2) Two standard logic inputs can be used as capture inputs. (3) Functions depend on the selected configuration (see page 9).

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