Lexium 32i Integrated Drive Catalog Page 7 Product offer introduction

7 Simplicity, from installation to maintenance SoMove setup software 1 SoMove setup software is used in the same way as it is on other Schneider Electric drives and starters, including: configuring and optimizing control loops in automatic or manual mode using the Oscilloscope function, and for maintenance of the Lexium 32i integrated drive. See page 18. Multi-Loader tool 2 The Multi-Loader tool is used to copy configurations from a PC or Lexium 32i drive and to load them onto another Lexium 32i. Power to the Lexium 32i drives can be on or off. See page 18. Memory card 3 The Memory Card stores the communication interface parameters. When replacing a Lexium 32i, this function helps to ensure immediate startup by removing the need to program the drive. This decreases maintenance time and reduces costs. See page 19. Auto-tuning Adapted to each user, the three auto-tuning levels automatic, semi-automatic, and expert allow you to achieve a high level of machine performance, whatever the application. Mounting and maintenance The modular design together with the memory card for storing configurations, help to streamline mounting and maintenance procedures. Introduction (continued) Lexium 32i integrated drives Motion control Introduction: page 6 Lexium 32i integrated drive: page 12 Configuration tools: page 18 Options: page 20 1 2 3 Connection module Power supply module Communication interface Lexium BMI servo motor with power stage

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