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Lexium ILT designed for simple applications Lexium ILS designed for precision Lexium ILP designed for autonomous applications

Integrated drive with 3-phase stepper motor often not required positioning characteristics Pulse/direction, input/output Integrated controller and drive with 2-phase stepper motor positioning without PLC Integrated drive with 2-phase stepper motor positioning 150...305 W 0...1000 rpm 0.45...6 Nm Index pulse monitoring 57, 85 150...305 W 0...1000 rpm 0.11...5.87 Nm No 36, 42, 57, 85 150...305 W 0...1000 rpm 0.11...5.87 Nm No Sawing machine Multi-blade circular sawing machines using laser beams as an optical extension of the blades for board measurement. The laser is positioned by means of linear axes using Lexium integrated drives ILS. The control cabinets are located far away from the machine due to difficult environmental conditions. The decentralized concept has dramatically reduced wiring. Autonomous palletizer The autonomous palletizer answers the needs of product transport over long distances for storage applications. A modular carriage loads individual items onto carts and transports these coded units to their destinations. Lexium ILP is used to control two fingers to lock/unlock the items on the carriage. Moreover, it acts as a blocking indicator. Automated dosimeter In environments exposed to radiations, badges are routinely checked to make sure that there was no excessive exposure. Multiple badges are loaded in the machine to read their radiation dosage. The reading process is a two-step procedure: excitation of the badge and detection of its energy level. Lexium ILT manages the transport of the badges to each station via a ball screw. RS485 CANopen Short distance movements with accurate positioning Cables, commissioning tool

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