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PacDrive 3 automation solution

Lexium SH3/MH3/SHS servo motors

Lexium SHS stainless steel servo motors


Lexium SHS servo motors are stainless steel servo motors that are based on Lexium SH3 servo motors and designed for a high-torque output with relatively low current consumption in a stainless steel jacket. Lexium SHS stainless steel servo motors and hybrid cable are the ideal choice to meet the requirements for dynamics, precision, and surroundings in the food and pharma industries. Seven different types of Lexium SHS servo motors are available, in the following variants: b 3 flange sizes: 055, 070, 100 mm b Peak Torque: 3.2 to 28.3 Nm (2.36 to 20.87 ft-lbf) b Available speed: up to 6000 rpm b Equipped with multi-turn encoder and optionally with holding brake b Laser marking of identification label One cable solution The range of stainless steel motors has been designed with a new type of hybrid cable to connect the drive to the motor based on a single-cable connection. This reduces the effort required for cabling and cleaning.


Applications Lexium SHS servo motors are suitable for machines used in the food industry, which may have special requirements for materials, surfaces, soiled edges, and cleaning all parts of the machine.


General functions Lexium SHS servo motors offer the following features: b Overload protection with an integrated temperature sensor (external evaluation required) b Low moment of inertia b Excellent dynamics b Stainless steel surface: fewer soiled edges , easy cleaning (CIP), hygienic design b Certification to e , UL, and CSA b Construction in accordance with EHEDG Guidelines b Stainless steel motors are integrated in ECAM Database b Degree of protection: IP 67 and IP 69k (shaft and housing) b High overload capability b Easy commissioning through electronic type plate and low maintenance b Lexium SHS motors can be operated with Lexium 62, Lexium 52, and partly for Lexium 32. Suitable cables are available for every drive. Lexium SHS motors can also be operated with PacDrive M.


Holding brake The Lexium SHS servo motors (FCE200521B200, FCE200522B200 and FCE200523B200) are equipped with a failsafe electro-magnetic holding brake.

Do not use the holding brake as a dynamic brake for deceleration, as this will quickly damage the brake.


Integrated encoder Lexium SHS servo motors are fitted with a SinCos Hiperface high-resolution multi-turn (131,072 points/turn x 4096 turns) encoder providing angular precision of the shaft position, accurate to less than 1.3 arc minute ( 0.021 ). This performs the following functions: b Gives the absolute motor position to allow flow synchronization b Measures the position information for the servo drive controller b Sends data from the servo motor to the servo drive, which allows automatic identification of the motor when the servo drive starts

FCE200523B200 FCE200525B200 FCE200522B200 FCE200524B200 FCE200521B200 FCE200519B200 FCE200520B200

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