Magelis GK Advanced Keypad Touchscreen Panels Page 14 References

14 References (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GK Advanced Keypad-Touchscreen panels Connection accessories Presentation: page 6 Description: page 9 Connections: page 15 Connection of Magelis terminals via serial links and Ethernet network Type of bus/ network Tap-off units Connector (tap-off unit side) Type of terminal Length m/ ft Reference Weight kg/ lb Uni-Telway serial link Subscriber socket TSXSCA62 15-way female SUB-D HMIGK (COM2) 3/ 9.84 VW3A8306 0.150/ 0.330 Connection box TSXPACC01 8-way female mini-DIN HMIGK (COM2) 2.5/ 8.20 XBTZ9780 0.180/ 0.397 Modbus serial link Subscriber socket TSXSCA64 15-way female SUB-D HMIGK (COM2) 3/ 9.84 VW3A8306 0.150/ 0.330 8-port Modbus splitter box LU9GC3 2-port tap-off junction TWDXCAISO TWDXCAT3RJ RJ45 HMIGK (COM2) 2.5/ 8.20 XBTZ9980 T-junction box With integrated cable, RJ45 itted HMIGK (COM2) VW3A8306TF10 Ethernet TCP/IP network Hubs 499 NEH/NOH Switches 499 NES, 499 NMS, 499 NSS and 499 NOS RJ45 HMIGK pp 30 2/ 6.56 490NTW00002 5/ 16.40 490NTW00005 12/ 39.37 490NTW00012 40/ 131.23 490NTW00040 80/ 262.47 490NTW00080 Connection of Magelis terminals to fieldbuses Type of bus/network Connection components Type of terminal Reference Weight kg/ lb Fipway, Fipio USB gateway HMIGK TSXCUSBFIP Modbus Plus USB gateway HMIGK XBTZGUMP Modular regulated switch mode power supplies (1) Input voltage/ Output voltage Combination with terminals Nominal power Nominal current Reference Weight kg/ lb 100...240/24 V single-phase wide range line supply 47...63 Hz HMIGK 30 W 1.2 A ABL8MEM24012 0.195/ 0.430 (1) Dimensions: H x W x D = 90 x 54 x 59 mm/3.54 x 2.13 x 2.32 in. (ABL8MEM24012) and 90 x 72 x 59 mm/ 3.54 x 2.83 x 2.32 in. (ABL7RM24025). For further information, please refer to our website . TSXSCA62 TSXPACC01 TSXSCA64 LU9GC3 VW3A8306TF10 TWDXCAISO

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