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2 General presentation Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GK Advanced Keypad-Touchscreen panels Magelis GK Advanced Keypad-Touchscreen panels Magelis GK are ultra-flexible graphic terminals available in both keypad and touchscreen user interface options. They have similar display and communication characteristics to Magelis GTO and enhance the operator experience with the addition of a keypad. They are available in two screen sizes (5.7" and 10.4") which can be configured and controlled to meet the user's requirements. Designed to operate in severe environments, Magelis GK panels give optimum control by means of the keypad and touchscreen. They are suitable for industrial sectors exposed to harsh environments, such as: b Material manufacturing: cement, bricks, wood, glass, etc. b Metal b Pulp & paper b Mining b Automotive Magelis GK Ultra-flexible user interface The touchscreen and keypad keys can be configured simultaneously or separately with: b Function keys (Fi) with customizable labels or associated screen pictograms (Ri) b Industrial pointer to execute precise commands on screen b Alphanumeric keypad based on a mobile phone keypad principle b 3-color LEDs associated with function keys to signal command status b Improved key sensitivity for visual machine control Easy operation In difficult, dusty, or dirty conditions, when the touchscreen cannot be used, the Magelis GK terminal can still be operated wearing gloves, because of positive keypad action. Optimum security for operators The keypad is securely designed, ensuring operators can access the command keys at any time with possible dual actions, and locked during critical operation phases. Easy maintenance The Magelis GK has enhanced features that enable easy maintenance and time saving, such as: b Long-life LED backlight with low power consumption and fewer replacements b Highly robust with operating temperatures up to 55 C, reducing risks during maintenance and the time taken b In-built SD card slot and standard SD media card, so no PC is required to upgrade the application on site b Easy installation with tool-free mounting spring clips b Simple replacement of removable batteries b Remote diagnostics with Vijeo Air/Air+ enable maintenance staff to identify issues without being physically present at site Magelis GK Robust & ultra-flexible HMI for industrial operations HMIGK2310 HMIGK5310

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