Magelis GK Advanced Keypad Touchscreen Panels Page 3 General Presentation

3 Magelis GK (continued) Easy substitution Existing Magelis XBT F or XBTGK panels with keypads can easily be replaced with Magelis GK panels: b Identical screen size and communication capability b Same cut-out and keypad layout b Use of spring clips b Same configuration software with Vijeo Designer Vijeo Designer software With the advanced ergonomic design of Magelis GK, the single Vijeo Designer configuration software in Schneider Electric's HMI range ensures that operator dialogue projects can be processed quickly and easily. It also offers a complete set of application management tools. The Vijeo Air/Air+ offer is fully compatible with Magelis GK and enables remote access and connectivity anytime, anywhere. General presentation (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GK Advanced Keypad-Touchscreen panels Magelis GK Dedicated to severe environments Vijeo Designer software Vijeo Design' Air Plus Vijeo Design' Air

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