Magelis GK Advanced Keypad Touchscreen Panels Page 8 Functions

8 Panel operating modes The following illustrations show which equipment can be connected to Magelis GK according to the two operating modes. Edit mode Operating mode (1) Validated with DataLogic Gryphon bar code reader. (2) Validated with Hewlett Packard printer via USB/PIO converter. Improve environmental resistance with Conformal Coating The Conformal Coating service offer consists of varnishing the electronic cards to prolong the service life of the terminals and enable them to be used in corrosive environments. Varnishing increases resistance to condensation, dusty atmospheres and chemical corrosion (sulphurous and halogenous atmospheres). For further information on this service offer, please contact our Customer Care Center. Magelis Small panels with keypad-touchscreen flexibility The Magelis GK keypad is consistent with the design and features of USB keypad accessory HMIZKB1 . HMI small touchscreen panels can thus also be converted to keypad-touchscreen panels by connecting this USB keypad accessory. Ethernet network PC running Vijeo Designer software SD memory card (2) Connection cable BMXXCAUSBH018 Memory stick HMIGK USB Description: page 9 References: page 11 Accessories: page 11 Connections: page 15 Functions (continued) Operator dialogue terminals Magelis GK Advanced Keypad-Touchscreen panels Modicon M340 USB port expander Bar code reader (1) Memory stick Parallel printer (2) SD memory card Bar code reader (1) Serial printer Twido HMIGK XBTZ915 COM1 TSXPCX1031 COM2 XBTZ9780 Mouse Keyboard USB Ethernet network Modicon M2 p 8 HMIZKB1 HMISTU

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